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Chapter 1 Themes in the study of life

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Nirupama Narayanan

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Themes in the study of life

Themes in the Study of Life
Fig. 1.3 Properties of Life
Fig. 1.5
Life Requires Energy Transfer and Transformation
Evolution: Process of change
that has transformed life on Earth
Biology: Scientific study of life
New Properties Emerge at Each
Level in the Biological Hierarchy
Fig. 1.4 Hierarchy levels (10)
Organisms Interact with Other
and the Physical Environment

Structure and Function
Are Correlated
at All Levels of
Biological Organization
Fig. 1.7
The Cell Is an Organism’s Basic
Unit of Structure and Function
Eukaryotic cell
Has membrane-enclosed organelles
(largest – nucleus)

Prokaryotic cell
Simpler, smaller
No nucleus
No membrane-enclosed organelles
Fig. 1.6a
The Continuity of Life Is Based on Heritable Information in the Form of DNA
DNA Structure and Function:

•Chromosomes contain most of a cell’s genetic material in the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)
•Each chromosome has one long DNA molecule with hundreds or thousands of genes
•DNA is inherited from parents
•Each DNA molecule: Made up of two long chains arranged in a double helix
•Each link of a chain is one of four kinds of chemical building blocks called nucleotides (A, G, C, and T)
Fig. 1.11
Fig. 1.12
Genomics: Large-scale analysis of DNA sequences
Feedback Mechanisms
Regulate Biological Systems
Grouping Species
The Basic Idea
Taxonomy - Branch of biology that
names and classifies species into groups of increasing breadth
Fig. 1.15
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