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Kory Batten

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Autism

Autism Autism is neuro-developmental. The web definition of neurodevelopmental is
Neurodevelopment comprises the processes that generate, shape, and reshape the nervous system, from the earliest stages of embryogenes...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurodevelopmental During the early years of life you will start to see
signs of autism Their was a study involving the CDC,
that showed that 1-110 are affected by autism.
At least one million children. To be diagnosed with
autism there is no
medical testing, diagnoses is
based on observation. There is NO definite cause for autism. There are many different characteristics including:
Resistance to change,
delay in spoken language,
repeating words or phrases,
Laughing/crying for no reason,
wants to be alone,
lack of eye contact,
Tantrums......etc. Definition of Autism:
A mental condition, present from early childhood,
characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people
and in using language and abstract concepts Autism shows in boys 5 times more then in girls For the parents that already have one
child with autism they have a 2%-19% of having
another child affected, 50% of all autistic children are born mute. Some coo at birth
but then go silent, then begin talking around age 5 to 8 yrs old. Treatments of autism:
-Sensory therapy
-Educational (applied behavior analysis)
-intensive autism services
-Biological (medication)
-speech language therapy There are many different apps for tablets and ipads
that are for autistic children that teach many different
things like emotions. Other Treatments:

Art Therapy


Cranial Sacral



Hyperbaric Oxygen


Music Therapy


Service Dogs

Swimming Therapy

Theraputic Recreation 1. Provide increased safety for the child;
2. Help control the child by commanding the dog;
3. Passively teach the child responsibility;
4. Enjoy the right of full public access under the
B.C. Guide Animal Act;
5. Lower aggression and frustration levels, leading to
positive behavioural changes;
6. Provide comfort when the child is upset;
7. Add a degree of predictability to social settings for
both the child and parents; and
8. Reduce social stress levels, allowing greater participation
in education, as well as social and leisure activities Service dogs can be very beneficial for autistic children Many people believe that autism
is caused by vaccinations that have a mercury
like substance in them. This ingredient is called
thimerosal. This has been the focus of many studies
done in the USA. I do believe in holistic medicine
because i think it is good to not only
treat the child but make them feel good about them
selves to. To show that they are normal to. U.S Department of Defense information/find. Autism
Awareness: Recognizing the Symptoms. U.S Department
of Defense Information/ Find, 02 Apr. 2010. elibrary. Web. 22. Nov 2012.

Autism and Family History. Geonomics and Health, 2012- CDC. gov. web
22. Nov. 2012

Psychology 2005: "Autism: Reaching for the light" world. Book, Science year. 2009. elibrary. Web. 22 Nov. 2012

Autism Canada. "Treatment" 2011. web. Autism Canada Foundation. http://autismcanada.org/treatments/othertherapy.html
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