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Fruit Smack: Kool-Aid of the 1920's!

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Carlina Fonseca

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Fruit Smack: Kool-Aid of the 1920's!

- Initially the purpose was to make the product less expensive to ship

- The drink is still the same now but the purpose does not have as much effect on people today

- It is also now offered in liquid or powder forms
Overall Significance
- Known as a budget drink

- A single product used for many different purposes

- Now it is just a fun children's drink which comes in many different forms and flavors
Edwin Perkins
- He invented many products and created The Perkins Product Company

- Fruit Smack was a four oz drink that was sold but was too expensive to ship around

- Perkins removed the liquid from the drink and sold just the powder in envelopes and renamed his product Kool- Ade
Fruit Smack: Kool-Aid of the 1920's!
- Perkins changed the name from Kool-Ade to Kool-Aid

- There used to be only 6 flavors and there are now many more

-The company now includes an animated character that was not always used
Fun Facts
- For a period of time Root Beer flavor replaced the Strawberry Flavor

-By 1929 the mix was distributed across the country

-Once invented, Perkins focused only on Kool-Aid
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