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ABC Book of Countries

ABC Book

Jake Talmage

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of ABC Book of Countries

ABC Book of Countries A is for Australia. Australia is mostly wilderness and rough terrain. It is also home to the Sydney Oprea House. There are lots of kangaroos in Australia. Its capitol is Canberra. It is also home of the Great Barrier Reef. B is for Bolivia. Bolivia has a terrain made up of the Andes Mountains, a high plateau, and lowland plains. Its climate varies from humid and tropical to cold. Bolivia is located southwest of Brazil. Its capitol is La Paz. C is for Canada. Canada is a large country and has a snowy, cold, and rocky terrain. It also sports many mountains. It hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It has 10 provinces. Its capitol is Ottawa. D is for Dominican Republic. It is located in the Carribean. Its terrain varies from mountains, river valleys to hills. Its has a subtropical climate, ample rainfall, and fertile soil. The main language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Its capitol is Santo Domingo. E is for Egypt. Egypt is a dry country . It has a desert terrain. Although, it does have some desert oases. Egypt is rich in history. It is home to the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and many tombs. It can be very hot in Egypt. Its capitol is Cairo. F is for Finland. Finland has a terrain made up of heavily forested areas, many lakes and rivers, marshlands, and some mountains in the northwest part of Finland. Its government is a republic. Finland also has some tiny islands off of its coasts. Finlands capitol is Helsinki. G is for Germany. Germany is made up of highlands, rivers, uplands, and some mountains. It played a part in World War I and World War II. It also has a good soccer team. Germany is rich in culture and history. Its capitol is Berlin. H is for Honduras. Honduras has mountainous terrain and a tropical to subtropical climate depending on elevation. The language spoken mostly in Honduras is Spanish. It is a democratic constitutional republic. Its capitol is Tegucigalpa. I is for Italy. Italy has a rugged and mountainous terrain. Its climate is mild Mediterranean. The form of government in Italy is a republic. It is rich in history. Milan is a big city in Italy and is great for shopping. The capitol of Italy is Rome. J is for Japan. Japan has rugged terrain and mountainous islands. The climate of Japan varies from subtropical to temperate. The language spoken most in Japan is Japanese. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in World War II. Japan also has many high speed trains. Its capitol is Tokyo. K is for Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan extends from the Caspian Sea, to the Altay Mountains, to the plains of Western Siberia, and to the desert of Central Asia. It has a Continental climate, hot summers, and cold winters. The form of government in Kazakhstan is a republic. The main language spoken there is Kazakh. The capitol of Kazakhstan is Astana. L is for Libya. Libya is located in North Africa. Its terrain varies from plains to deserts. It also has plateus and depressions. Its climate is Mediterranean along the coast and dry, extreme desert in the interior. Arabic is the main language spoken in Libya. There was a civil war going on in Libya. Its capitol is Tripoli. M is for Mexico. Mexico has a terrain made up of coastal lowlands, central high plateaus, and mountains. The climate in Mexico is tropical to desert. The form of government in Mexico is a federal republic. The main language spoken there is Spanish. Mexico has very nice cities and very rough cities. There are lots of gang wars in Mexico. Its capitol is Mexico City. By Jake Talmage N is for Nicaragua. Its terrain is made up of coastal plains rising up into mountains. It also has some volcanoes. Its climate is tropical in the lowlands and cooler up near the mountains. Spanish is the official language of Nicaragua. Its form of government is a republic. It is borderd by Costa Rica and Honduras. The capitol of Nicaragua is Managua. O is for Oman. The terrain of Oman is made up of mountains, plains, and arid plateaus. The climate in Oman is hot and humid on the coast and hot and dry further into the country. The type of government in Oman is a monarchy. Arabic is the offical language spoken in Oman. Life expectancy in Oman is about 73 years. The capitol of Oman is Muscat. P is for Peru. Peru has a terrain made up of western arid coastal plains, central rugged Andean mountains, and eastern lowlands with tropical forests. The climate in Peru is temperate to frigid in the Andes, and warm and humid in the tropical lowlands. The principal language spoken in Peru is Spanish. The form of government in Peru is a constitutional republic. Peru is located in South America. Its capitol is Lima. Q is for Qatar. Its terrain is mostly desert, flat and barren. It has a hot and humid climate with mild winters. Arabic is the offical language of Qatar. English is widely spoken in Qatar. The form of government in Qatar is a constitutional monarchy. Life expectancy in Qatar is around 74 years. The capitol of Qatar is Doha. R is for Russia. Russia has a terrain made up of broad plains, low hills, vast forests, vast tundra, uplands and mountains. The climate in Russia is northern continental. The offical language of Russia is Russian. Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world. The form of government in Russia is a federation. Russia played a big part in WW II. Its capitol is Moscow. S is for Syria. Its terrain is made up of narrow coastal plains, a large mountain belt in the west, and a large desert plateau in the east. Its climate is mostly hot and dry, but in the winter it is mild and rainy along the coast. Arabic is the offical language of Syria. Life expectancy in Syria is about 71 years. The main form of government in Syria is a republic. Its capitol is Damascus. T is for Turkey. Its terrain is made up of coastal plains and a inland plateau that keeps getting more rugged the farther inland you go. Its climate is moderate in the coastal area and harsher more inland. The offical language of Turkey is Turkish. Life expectancy in Turkey is about 72 years. The form of government in Turkey is a republic. Its capitol is Ankara. U is for United States of America. The U.S.A. has a terrain made up of mountains, plains, plateaus, beaches, forests, and many more different environments. Its climate changes depending where you are. The U.S.A. played an important part in WW II. The form of government in U.S.A. is a republic. The offical language in the U.S.A. is English. The capitol of the U.S.A is Washington D.C. V is for Venezuela. Its terrain is made up of the Andes mountains and lowlands in the northwest, central plains, and highlands in the southeast. Its climate varys from tropical to temperate depending on elevation. The offical language of Venezuela is Spanish. The form of government in Venezuela is a federal republic. Life expectancy in Venezuela is about 74 years. The capitol of Venezuela is Caracas. W is for Wales. Its terrain is made up of mostly of mountains and has a long coastline. It has a temerate climate and is also very wet. Wales is part of the UK. The language spoken most in Wales is English. Its capitol is Cardiff. There are no countries that start with the letter X, but there was an ancient city in China called Xanadu. It was ruled by the Mongol ruler, Kublai Khan, and visited by the explorer, Marco Polo. Y is for Yemen. Its terrain is made up of coastal plains, mountains, and a plateau area. Its climate is dry inland and a little cooler on the coast. The language spoken most in Yemen is Arabic. The form of government in Yemen is a parliamentary republic. The capitol of Yemen is Sana'a. Z is for Zimbabwe. Its terrain is made up of desert and savanna. Its climate is mostly subtropical. The offical language of Zimbabwe is English. The form of government in Zimbabwe is a parliamentary. Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is about 50 years. The capitol of Zimbabwe is Harare. Conclusion

As you can see, there are many countries in the world. The countries in this alphabet book are just a few. All countries have different cultures and ways of living. Some are hot and some are cold. I hope you liked this alphabet book and will remember it.
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