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Room to grow

There is a big growth potential of romanian online commerce. All the numbers from this presentation were disclosed/cited at GPeC Summit 2014 by Daedalus, Mastercard, Mobilpay, Romcard, Eurostat.

Bogdan Pencea

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Room to grow

In 2013 romanians paid
150,000,000 €
in online transactions for goods and services bought from local .ro shops.
Seems a lot?
It's not if you put things in perspective.

In the same period of time they paid online
utility bills of the same value.

So that's another
150,000,000 €
in online
And that's not all.
Overall, romanians used online channels to spend more than

Seems a lot?
Let's put it this way:
The 300 mil € in online transactions were paid with 700,000 bank cards.
In fact, it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Romanians prefer to order online and to
pay cash, on delivery
But there are 14 million active bank cards in Romania.
19 out of 20 cards
have never had a long distance relationship with a seller.
And the 1.3 billion € were spent by the 8 percent of population -
there are 19 million romanians
in total -, that used to shop online in 2013.
Clearly, romanians are from Venus and online shopping is from Mars.
This will change in the future. How?
Let's make an imagination exercise. We keep the income level of the typical romanian as it is today but we update his habits of spending - he is from the future, right? -, with one more online oriented. Let's say 77% of romanians begin to shop online, the actual value for UK today. This would grow the value of romanian e-commerce market to...
16.25 billion €
Seems a lot?
This prezi was assembled in DasCloud.ro Media Lab
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