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Teaching 9-12: Media and Censorship

Media, Effects of media on us, Propaganda techniques, Censorship, First Amendment, Banned Books

Colleen Hirn

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of Teaching 9-12: Media and Censorship

Logical Fallacies & Rhetorical Strategies
Censorship is the removal of what is considered sensitive material from media.
Songs with cuss words
TV shows with cussing (depending on channel and time of day)
Mature subject matter on the radio
Explicit material in literature
Material on an internet web page
Your Assignments
For homework: Find a magazine ad that uses propaganda techniques and bring it to class.

Project: You will be creating your own ad using the propaganda techniques we talked about today. I will hand out details later.
Every single day, we are surrounded by media.

What are some items
or things that contain media?
Media Tactics
There are various ways in which the government, companies, and organizations use propaganda techniques to persuade us to believe things, take on certain opinions, and buy products and services.

Assertion Bandwagon
Card stacking Glittering Generalities
Ad Hominem Red Herring
Straw Man Plain Folks
Begging the Question Testimonial
Logos, Pathos, and Ethos

The First Amendment
Those who believe censorship is wrong typically site the First Amendment in their defense.
Banned Books
Censorship affects what books I can teach you in the classroom. It affects what poems and articles we can read. Most of the contemporary youth adult fiction novels you read would never be allowed in a classroom due to what many believe is material too mature for teens.
What tactics does this commercial use?
persuasive media
enthusiastic or energetic statement presented as a fact, even though it may not be true (often lies...)
products that claim they are "the best" but don't have valid statistics to back it up are using assertion
an appeal to follow the crowd
"everyone is doing it"
the idea is: if more people are doing or buying this, it must be the best
only presenting information that is positive and omitting information that could make the idea or product look bad
Card stacking
I wouldn't feel good
about my kids eating this!
Glittering Generalities
the product or idea being sold is linked to a highly valued concept like honor, love, love of country, glory, freedom, etc.
Ad Hominem
attacks a person's character or personal life in order to distract from their argument
Red Herring
someone brings up another (irrelevant) topic in order to distract from the real issue
Straw Man
exaggerating, distorting, or purposely misinterpreting someone's argument to make it easier to challenge
"twisting someone's words"
Plain Folks
a wealthy person or company tries to appear like the common person to win normal, common people over
may point out: similar interests, use of slang or dialect, humble beginnings, hobbies
Begging the Question
This is a claim in which the claim and evidence are the same
Someone assumes something is true before even confirming it is true.
A simple example: "This argument is a bad one because it's not very good."
quotations or endorsements of a person, product, or idea by a famous person
often with celebrities and professional athletes
Logos, Pathos, and Ethos
Essential Questions
How does censorship affect our ability to learn? How much control should the government have over what we hear, watch, or say?
Have you read any of those books? If so, tell us:
Why you think it may be banned
Whether or not you think it should be read in the high school classroom
What the banned material could offer us in terms of learning or life lessons
How do you feel about reading book with this sort of material? Are you mature enough for it?
Discussion on Banned Books
Should teachers be able to teach such books? Why or why not?
Do people benefit more from being protected from the evils of the world or from being taught how to stand strong against the evils of the world?
Logos (logical appeal) = appealing to something via an argument that seems "logical" (makes logical sense)
Pathos (emotional appeal) = appealing to something by inciting strong emotions (sadness, fear, hatred, anger, joy...)
Ethos (ethical appeal) = appealing to something by taking advantage of the audience's sense of right and wrong (or morals)
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