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GQ #2-OakFarm

No description

Bridget York

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of GQ #2-OakFarm

GQ #3
Gifts of the Nile
Agriculture and Irrigation- "The Gifts of the Nile"
People must plant, weed and water/ drain land to promote crop growth
Long term irrigation requires
abundant supply of good water
well drained soil
good regional drainage
Nile is longest river in the world.
It flows South to North.
97% of Egyptians lived on 2.5 % of Egypt's land near the Nile
All irrigation takes water from a natural source and diverts it to artificial channels or ponds to apply to crops.
Nilometers- measured flood levels
Egyptians developed large flat bottom basins dug out of the soil. Then, simple
diverted the Nile's flood waters through gates that controlled the water.
Today Aswan Dam controls the Nile's water
Begins flooding in June
Peaks in late September/ early October
Floods more than 100 days
Growing period- October - February
Plows pulled by oxen
Harvest- March-May
Crops: wheat, barley, flax, papyrus, beans, lettuce, melons
***This was opposite the Roman Empire in Europe's growing season. It allowed people in the Empire to eat year round.

Religion and Agriculture:
Hapi- God of the Nile
Osiris- God of Fertility of the Land

- hand operated device for lifting water (maybe even pyramid stones)
Water Wheel
-device that uses flowing water to create power by means of paddles mounted around wheel
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