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Neha Barrrows

Neha Barrows Skweres-3 4/19/10 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

audie skweres

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Neha Barrrows

In result of the uprising, the Jews lost, and the Nazis, to symbolize their victory, destroyed the Great Synagogue. The Warsaw ghetto itself was in ruins. Between July 22 and September 12, 1942, the German authorities deported or murdered 300,000 jews in the Warsaw ghetto. The Jews were angry and several Jewish underground organizations created an armed self-defense unit known as the Jewish Combat Organization, and another resistance organization know as the Jewish Military Union, this two organization work to stop or try to stop the German attempst to destroy the ghetto. By: Neha Barrows
and Sandy Collado "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" Skweres- 3rd The fight for freedom happening all over again?!?! Photos Warsaw, Poland Some of the survivors of the Warsaw ghetto uprising: Warsaw ghetto uprising by Sandy Collado and Neha Barrow
Skweres 3rd Aharon Carmi-83 year old Masha Putermilch-82 years old Simha Rotem-82 years old The Nazi captured 56,65 jews and killed 7,000 jews during the uprising. Warsaw ghetto memorials Memorial of heros of the Warsaw ghetto uprising Warsaw ghetto wall Mila 18 in the Warsaw ghetto Nathan Rappaport Memorial to Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto front of the memorial back side of the memorial Last remaining section of Warsaw Ghetto wall Memorial at Mila 18 honors Jewish heroes of Warsaw Mila 18 Stone is inscribed with names of Jewish heroes We all know how the slaves fought for their freedom at the Civil War years ago, and now the story seems to repeat itself, but this time is Jewish people that fight for their freedom. This uprising is just one of many battles that the Jewish fought to be free and even though they lost this battle they won the war. Thanks for watching =) Germans Capture Jews after the uprising.
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