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Annual Dinner

No description

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Annual Dinner

1.1 Venue 1.2 Floor 1.3 Menu
2. Invitation to employees

3.Expenses and budget
3.1 Expenses 3.2 Budget
1. Content
3. Finance
Annual Dinner (work breakdown structure)
Thank you!
Venue: Karachi expo hall 5 . Timings: 5th August, 8pm-11pm
1.1.1Karachi expo Hall 5
1.2.1 seat arrangements 125 round tables 8 chairs per tables 1000 chairs red carpets for floor decoration of tables 8 glasses per table=1000 8 napkins per table=1000 1 flower crystal vase on each table=125 3 flowers for each table=375 candle stand for each table=125 one candle for each table= 125 candles cuttlery sets
1.3.1 Buffet biryani mutton Qorma boti, salad ice-creams and drinks vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice-creams., Miranda, Sprite menu decoration cotton cloth for each table dinner sets salad trays chutney bowls dishes flames pots
1.4 Stage/ Decoration/ Music Rostorm mike stairs rugs projectors usb laptop extension, wires, multimedia supply, generators, diesel decoration fancy lights spot lights Power supply music Piano, violens male musicians male singer extensions wires power supply
1.4.1. stage
2.1.Invitation via E-mail
2.1.1. HR manager will e-mail to all employees via official gmail account. Internet connection, computer and power supply

2.2. invitation cards

2.2.1. printed cards

2.2.2 distribution amongst employees
2.3. vendor and wholesale market (internal)
3.1.1. floor arrangement, venue rent and menu expenses
3.1.2. Printed card expenses
3.1.3. Stage, decoration and music expenses
Allocated budget by Finance manager or CEO
Presented by: Extreme group
Sahar Nazir (27619)
Sarshar Gul ( 17355)
Shabana Ghouri ( 27616) naan
Presented to: PR & Event management class
4.1. date

4.1.1 weekend

4.1.2. Sunday
4.2. schedule of timings
4.2.1. 8pm-11 pm
4.3. Arrangements
4.3.1. managing employees
4.3.2. Security check Venue sources
1.2.4. wholesale market Hanif Rajput Catering A person who would keep a check on food taste. managing employee attendance online registeration at reception Laptop and
Internet connection.
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