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No description

Tony Armstead

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Oxygen

Things you need to know about Oxygen
Atomic Symbol: O
Atomic Number: 8
Atomic Mass:15.999
Drawing of Oxygen
Oxygen'sparticles & Energy Levels
Energy levels: 2
In 1774, Joseph Priestly discovered Oxygen in England.
Places Oxygen is Found
The Ozone Layer
Inside things made of plastic
Breathable Air
Rocks & Soils
Uses for Oxygen

Various Industrial
Chemical applications

acids, and other compounds

ozone layers

Additional Facts
If you breath too much Oxygen, you can die
If you have a room full of Oxygen & Hydrogen, and someone lights a match, the room will explode.
Boiling point is -361.82degrees F
The Northern Lights: The Green & Dark red colors in the aurora borealis
The End
By Tony Armstead
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