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Panhandle Plains Ecoregion

Ethan Dahlstrom 4th Period Pre-AP Science

Sammy Dahlstrom

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Panhandle Plains Ecoregion

by Ethan Dahlstrom
4th Period Panhandle Plains Saltbush
Producer Roadrunner
Omnivore Swift Fox
Vulpes Velox
Omnivore Mica Cap
Coprinus Micaceus
Decomposer Palo Duro Mouse
Peromyscus Truei Comanche
Omnivore Rattlesnake
Crotalus Viridis
Carnivore Western Wheatgrass
Andropogon Smithii
Producer Bison
Bison Bison
Herbivore Cloud Ear Fungus
Auricularia Polytricha
Decomposer Acacia
Producer Buzzard
Cathartes Aura
Carnivore Web Addresses Used:
google.com, www.tpwd.state.tx.us Mountain Lion
Puma Concolor
Omnivore EcoRegion Characteristics: The Panhandle Plains
has mostly flat, grassy land or plains. The land is
mostly treeless and is on a high flat plateau. The
East part isn't as flat as the rest and is lower in
elevation and called a rolling plain. There's more
rain in the East and it's got heavier brush. The West and East are divided by canyons carved by rivers.
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