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Friends! :)

These are my girls, i love them to death there always there for me and NEVER let me down! :) I love you girls you all will always be in my heart!

Amanda Taylor

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Friends! :)

MY GIRLS! :) <3 Bray is one of my six chicks, me and her will have our fights, but we will always be very great friends she is beautiful and a very crazy girl. Sarah is also one of my six chicks, she is OBSESSED with bacon, you try to eat her bacon and she will bite your head off!! Sarah is a beautiful friend who loves to have fun! Cassie and me have to many fun times. I love to be with her , because she is always knows how to make me laugh! She never turns on me and is always there for me! STUNNER! Oh geeez whata girl... thats all i have to say about this girl.... NOT! ;) JOrdie is always there for me aand always knows when im upset. She is an amazing friend to me.. i love this chick Oh this girl knows how to make me LAUGH! She's halarious and knows when im upset. We have to many good times that is would make a 10 page essay. She's quite the stunner. Chloe makes my life, she's halarious, and laughs till she cries on the bus. ;) i expecially love her hugs , and she is beautiful! This girl is LIFE! oh geez she is a stunner! She makes my day everyday and I love her. She always knows ow to help when im down.. and she also got me into blackberries! :) THANKS! ;) Me and hanna, Never use to be close but now we are closer then ever! She always makes me laugh and thats what i love about her! We also have some pretty bad plans and pranks for CELTIC! ;) Katie is the most gorgeous girl in the world!!! I ador he eyes! Katie is the moset halarious girl in the world.. Who is also obsessed with hockey! and... she is also dating holdyn she sure hit the jack pot there ;) Courtney is a very pretty girl! I love this girl, she will NEVER turn her back on anyone, she is sweet and kind to everyone and wont hurt a soul! :) MEMORIES! Natalie is an amazing friend, me and her have alot of memories, she is a stunner an di lover her with all my heart! She is always there for me and i hope she never leaves my life! :) Jo.. Bray.. Hanna.. Cassie.. Torii... Natalie... Kaylie... kattiee... Sarah.. Chloe... Courtney.... These are my girls, there always there for me and will never let me down , ii love them with all my heart and i hope they will never leave my life. You girls all make my life.! :)
I love you all and dont you guys ever forget that! BY AMANDA TAYLOR

Friends by: Hedley
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