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The Breadwinner By: Deborah Ellis

No description

Luanne McGregor

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The Breadwinner By: Deborah Ellis

Story By: Deborah Ellis The Breadwinner Setting 5 Words To Describe Parvana In southern Kabul the capital of Afghanistan Parvana lives on the third floor of a beat up apartment building were her, her mother and father, her older sister Nooria, her little sister Maryam and little brother Ali in a very small one room apartment. Also she is spending a lot of her time in the crowded and hot market selling nick nacks. Parvana is a 11 year old girl living in a very strict life run by the Taliban. Now that women can't go outside with out a man or the sons escort women aren't allowed out side. But because Parvana's fathers leg was blown off in an attack at his school. Parvana is able to escort him to the market were he reads and replies to letters for people who can not write and read. But when Parvana's father was arrested for an unknown reason. So Parvana most disguise her identity and act as a visiting relative helping the family business. Parvana has a willing spirit hopes her father will come home to them and she can go back to being a girl but is that what she wants??? Main Character The protagonist in this novel is the main character Parvana who has to deal with the harsh laws of the Taliban. Protagonist The fate for Parvasna is fate. The taliban ar in control of everything and every one. They control peoples jobs weather or not they go to school and what they ware. Fate 1) Strong-for providing for her family while losing a lot of her old life.

2) Hopeful- She always believed that her father would return home alive not in a coffin.

3) Brave- she went out in the world and illegaly pretended to be some one else.

4) Scared- that she will be killed for going out in public with out a man and lying to the government.

5) Willing- Parvana was willing to give up her old life style and change her name, her hair and her clothing to provide for her family. By Luanne McGregor Antagonist The antagonist is the Taliban they inforced laws like women have to ware burka's if going outside and can't go to school or go outside with out a husband or sons escort. They made it really hard for women to live in Afghanistan and for men too. I would recommend this book to people that
have an interest in historic novels. This book
is also good for youth because Parvana is our
age so you can find out what some one in
another country what their life is like. This book
is also great for those kind of people who like a
good nail bitter and chapters that leave you hanging. Recommendations Time Period The time period this book is based in is the early 1990's when the Taliban first began to rule. When the country was nick named most dangerous country in the world. "Parvana there's a crowd over there maybe we'll get some sales" Shvania said while speeding of toward the crowd while balancing the tray. As the girls watch as Taliban soldiers push men and shouting hurry up. "We'll avoid them" Parvana said while sneaking in the entrance. The men were not cheering and instead of a soccer team soldiers led thieves out on the field. As the girls watched in horror as the soldier raised his ax and threw it down on the mans now bleeding arm. As the girls scream in horror they had spilled all their cigarettes men near by picked them all up and returned them to the girls one man next to the girls said "Go home see some ting nicer forget about this ugly go home" Paragraph
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