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Jose Rizal chapter 13 & 14

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kim Lessandra Gabut

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Jose Rizal chapter 13 & 14

Rizal's visit to the United States (1888) Rizal’s Visit to the United States (1888) Rizal first saw America on April 28, 1888. His arrival in this great country was marred by racial prejudice. He saw the discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and the Negros by the white Americans. Arrival in san francisco Saturday,April 28, 1888- The steamer Belgic docked at San Francisco. American health authorities did not let the passengers to land for one week because of the rumored cholera epidemic. Rizal knew there was no cholera epidemic that time and he protest with other passengers the unjustifiable actions of American authorities He soon discovered that it was motivated by politics and the ship was carrying 643 Chinese coolies. Rizal in san francisco May 4, 1888 – The day he was permitted to go ashore and registered at the Palace Hotel which was then considered a first- class hotel in the city May 4 to 6, 1888 – Rizal stayed in San Francisco. Across the American continent May 6, 1888 – it was Sunday, 4:30 P.M., Rizal left San Francisco for Oakland, nine miles across San Francisco Bay, by ferry boat May 7, 1888 – it was morning, Rizal awoke and had a good breakfast at Reno, Nevada, now glamorized by American high-pressure propaganda as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. Rizal in New york May 13, 1888 – it was Sunday morning when Rizal reached New York. He stayed three days in this city, which he called the “big town”. From May 7 to May 13, Rizal wrote in his diary the beautiful memories from Nevada, Chicago until he reached Albany. May 16, 1888 – Rizal left New York for Liverpool on board the City of Rome. Rizal saw the Statue of Liberty on Bedloe Island. Rizal’s impression of america The good impressions were: 1) The material progress of the country as shown in the great cities, huge farms, flourishing industries, and busy factories
2) The drive and the energy of the American people;
3) The natural beauty of the land
4) The high standard of living;
5) The opportunities for better life offered to poor immigrants.
The bad impression Rizal had of America was the lack of racial equality. 1890 – two years after Rizal’s visit to the United States, Jose Alejandro, who was then studying engineering in Belgium, roomed with him. Rizal’s impression of America “is the land par excellence of freedom but only for the whites”. Chapter 14

Rizal in London (1888 - 89) Stay in London Lived in London May 1888 to Mar. 1889
3 reasons why he stayed there:

1. To improve his knowledge of the English Language
2. To study and annotate Morga's Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas
3. London was a safe place for him to carry onhis figh against Spanish Tyranny
- Filipiniana studies
- Completing annotating Morga¶s books- Wrote many articles in LaSolidaridad
- Penned Young Women of Malolos Trip across the atlantic - made friends in his atlantic voyage
- amazed some american and european passengers
- had a chat with newspaper men but became disappointed
-arrived on liverpool May 24, 1888 "liverpool is a big and beautiful city and celebrated port is worthy of its great fame. the entrance is magnificent and the custom house is quite good." Life in london - went to London may 25, 1888

- stayed as a guest at Dr. Regidor's home

- became a boarder at the beckett's by the end of May

- was called "pearl of Man" by Dr. Reinhold Rost

- Played cricket and boxing with Dr. Rost's sons.
Good and bad news from home Bad news Persecution of the filipino patriots who signed the "anti-friar petition of 1888"
- persecution of calamba tenants

-furious attacks on rizal by senator salamanca and vida in the spanish cortes and by Desenganos (wenseslao E. Retana) and Quioquiap ( Pablo Feced) in spanish newspapers

- Rizal's brother-in-law, Manuel Hidalgo was exiled in bohol

-Laureano Viado, his friend was arrested and jailed because copies of Noli were found in his house Good News Rev. Vicente Garcias' defended Noli against the attacks of the friars. Annotating Morga's books - spent many days in the reading room of the british museum reading Morga's books and old stories of the philippines

-wrote a letter to Blumentritt on spetember 17, 1888

-Mariano Ponce urged him to edit a newspaper but he refused Short visit to paris and spain September 1888 - he visited paris for a week

- entertained in a gay french metropolis by Juan Luna and his wife

- He returned to London

- Dec. 11, 1888 - He went to spain

-met Marcelo H. del Pilar and Mariano Ponce Christmas in London -Rizal returned to London on december 24 1888 and spent his christmas and new year's day with the becketts.

- He sent a gift to Blumentritt and Dr. Carlos Czepelak

- recieved a gift from Mrs. Beckett Rizal becomes leader of Filipinos in Europe - chosen to be honorary president
- wrote a letter of thanks addressed to the members of association La solidaridad on January 28 1889 - "when defeated, never surrender"
-"great deal of integrity and much good will" letter content Rizal and the la solidaridad paper - Graciano Lopez founded La Solidaridad on Feb. 15 1889 at barcelona

- Marcelo H. del Pilar about their newspaper

- Rizal congratulated Lopez jaena and the associates and wrote articles. Writings in london La vision del fray rodriguez (the vision of fray rodriguez)
-published at barcelona

Letter to the young women of malolos
M.H. del pilar
"praise the young ladies of malolos for their courage to establish a school where they could learn spanish despite the opposition of Fr. Felipe Garcia, Spanish parish priest of Malolos." Letter to the young women of malolos a filipino mother should teach her children love of God, fatherland, and mankind
filipino mother should be glad, like the spartan mother
filipino woman should educate herself, aside frm retaining her good racial virtues
faith is not merely reciting long prayers and wearing relgious pictures, but rahter it is living the real christian way with good morals and good manners. Romance with Gertude beckett Gertude beckette Buxom English girl with brown hair blue eyes and rosy cheeks
eldest of the three sisters
fell in love with rizal
helped him in his painting and sculpture
Rizal finished 4 sculptures prometheus bound
the triumph of death over life
the triumph of science over death
composite carving of the heads of the beckett sisters
Adios, London! - March 19 1889 rizal bids goodbye to the kind beckett family. Jose Rizal Chapter 13 & 14
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