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Food Ordering System

No description

zakwan shaj

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Food Ordering System

Group Members :
Advantage New System
Analysis Existing Food Order System
Food Ordering System
Group : 14
Disadvantage Existing System
Wrong order
Analysis New System
Wan Nur Asilah
Imam Mukhsineen
Shazatul Asyikin
Zakwan Shaj
Vissalini Saminadan
In this technology era, all the new gadgets and electronic device are spreading and upgraded wisely.
Due to this, we planned to build a food ordering system where it’s an automated from old manual system.
Our plan is to built in an electronic device such as tablet in each table where customer can order their favourite dish.
Then the menu will be send to the cook and the cashier.
Chef will start his job and the cashier will do his calculating part and will connect to the manager. The role of manager in this system is to calculate daily cash in and out, update daily menu and price according to current market price.
order food by using menu
get slip order
Slow Delivery
Customer will order based on tab menu
Manager Record
Manager record data
all in the system
Kitchen Order
All order will be pop out at the kitchen computer screen
Cash stolen
Easier to take orders faster without any errors made by customer
To avoid occurrence of fraud in financial
The food ordering can be done more orderly and efficient
record data profit restaurant manually in book
taking order using pencil and paper
On time delivery food
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