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Enfras Technical Services (L.L.C)

No description

Germin Devins

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Enfras Technical Services (L.L.C)

What is ERS by pass?

As the term indicates ERS (BP) is a temporary overhead line to bypass certain length of an extent (existing) line in the event of an emergency.

Such emergencies are remotely likely in Gulf States unlike in other parts of the world, especially east and western countries where such emergencies are offer.

Understanding Emergency and ERS by Pass.

• Right understanding of this aspect essential part of decision makers of utilities, agencies.
• Term emergency in general is something unexpected
• Expect unexpected is the preparedness to meet emergencies By and large
• Such unexpected arise out of out – of – routine, unplanned actions of nature, human.
• Examples, natural calamity, vandalism, sabotage, accidents, overloading, inadequate maintenance etc.
• Governing aspect of the subject is depth of understanding the decision makes command. So as to reach apt decisions.
• Understanding the difference between unexpected emergency and an expected service interruption is paramount in this regard.
• Lack of understanding such difference causes eleventh hour hassle and drastic shift in project planes as well.

Situations Demanding ERS (BP)

When a transmission line fails due to natural calamities
To undertake repair, maintenance of a line.
To carry out modifications in existing line.
To reroute, relocate the line or part of Line.
To up rate line voltage; insulation, better substitute.
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