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ISTA 2010

Terezin + Prague, Czech Republic Pet the Dog!

Priscilla Skylar Lee

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of ISTA 2010

DxB - MUC Be at school at 4 am.. 6 hour flight.. LH 639 Terminal 2 Max 2 pieces of luggage Off to Munich! MUC - PRG 3 hour layover No yogurt! Internet Hub LH 3272 2 hour flight. Prague here we come! Prg - Terezin 1 hour bus ride With Geneva + Turkey Trees + Grass, Trees + Grass.. TEREZIN - ISTA 2010 Parkhotel ISTA 2010 Dinos Make a "gap"
Clapping + Tearing
"See the other person"
Make yourself present Marek [Mark] Ghet-TO
45 Kilos of coal
Do you need a brochure?
What did they do for fun during the day? They died, due to terrifying conditions. Margot Which one?
The nice one?
Or the popular one? Pet the Dog 30 minutes.
Meet @ portal.
1 hour.
Church bells.
2 Pictures Portal. Concentration camp. Scared? Terezin - PrG 1 hour bus ride First stop - Train station Old Prague Hostel Iceland WHAT?!? Flights cancelled Arjun's birthday INTERNET! "No mom, I don't know when I'm coming back" "We have to be back for the dance show" STUCK FOR 3 EXTRA DAYS. Prague Czech me out! Hard Rock Cafe Ice Cream 30 kr Pizza Sparkling water McDonalds + Subway 6 person bike The Acid House NewYorker What an amazing city. No candles Red Bull 0 0 2 Thank you
Mama + Papa Mock,
We love you! iSta 2010
Terezin, Czech republic.
Our journey. This explains everything. Love the pizza! Welcome to Prague. <3 Beautiful. Awwww.
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