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jason giesen

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of FFA - WHERE IT ALL BEGAN!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
* Smith - Hughes National Vocational Education Act established vocational agriculture courses in public schools.

* Written by two congressman from Georgia this act was established to provide education to students in the field of agriculture.

* Woodlawn H.S. in Woodlawn Virginia became the first public school to offer Ag. Education classes under the Smith-Hughes Act.
* Virginia Tech Ag Education teachers H. Groseclose, H. Sanders, W. Newman, and E. Magill organized the Future Farmers of Virginia for boys in Ag. classes. The FFV serves as the model for the FFA.

* First National Congress of Vocational Agriculture Students comes together for a National Livestock Judging contest at the American Royal Livestock and Horse Show in Kansas City, Mo.

* Future Farmers of America is established in Kanasa City, Mo.

* Leslie Applegate of New Jersey is selected as the First National FFA President.
* National Blue and Corn Gold were adopted as official colors.
* Carlton Patton of Arkansas was named 1st Star Farmer of America, this was one of the 1st awards created by the national FFA.
* First National Chapter contest launched and sponsored by the Farm Journal.
* First Official Manual of the organization was written, copy of the 1st manual was printed the following year in 1930.
* First FFA National Convention is held in Kansas City at Balitmore Hotel 33 delegates from 18 states attended. Dues were set at .10.
* 1st sectional gathering of New Farmers of America Members.
* Official FFA Creed written by E.M. Tiffany is adopted.
* First official dress uniform was adopted: Dark Blue Shirt, Blue or White pants, Blue Cap and Yellow tie.
* Official FFA Creed Written By
E.M. Tiffany is adopted.
* 1st official dress uniform is adopted:
* Dark Blue Shirt
* Blue or White pants
* Blue Cap and Yellow Tie
* Membership is restricted to boys only
* 1st Official FFA Maunal was printed.

* Texas brought the 1st State FFA Band to the National Convention.
* Puerto Rico charter is Granted
* Blue Corduroy Jacket adopted
as official dress.
* FFA Officers and members are
greeted on White House Lawn by
President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
* New Farmers of America
are Founded. Program for
African American boys enrolled
in Vocational Ag. Classes.

* Active FFA Membership exceeded
100,000 members.
* During National Convention action
is taken to establish the National FFA Camp
and Leadership training school in Washington DC.
* Land was purchased for the 1st FFA National headquarters.

* Twins Albert and Arthur Lacy of Hondo, TX became the only members to ever share the title of Star Farmer of America.
* Delegates revised rules for membership so that time in the Armed Forces would not determine a members period of eligibility.
* In 1944 FFA Foundation was formed in Washington DC
* 138,548 FFA members served in WWII.
* 1st FFA Proficiency Awards were presented.
* In 1946 attendance at convention hits an all time high of 12,500 members.
* In 1947 1st National FFA Band performed
* In 1948 1st FFA Chorus and Talent program was held at National Convention
1940 's Cont..
* 1948 National FFA Suppy Service was established
* Membership jumped from 238,269 in 1947 to 260,300 in 1948.
* In 1949 Rhode Island FFA accepted as a state association. They had 5 chapters w/ 82 members.
* President Truman granted a federal Charter to the FFA. Public Law 740
* 1952 FFA Code of Ethics adopted and 1st issue of The National Future Farmer magazine was published.
* 1953 US Post Office celebrates the FFA 25th Anniversary with Stamp.
* Eisenhower becomes the first President to speak at a National Convention.
* Membership reaches 363,369.
1955 American Star Farmer Joe Moore makes cover of Time Magazine.
1950's Cont...
* 1957 Former President Truman speaks during the National Convention.
* 1959 First National FFA Center is dedicated in Alexandria Virgina on land that was a part of George Washington's Estate. First National Leadership Training Conference was held.
* 1965 NFA merges with FFA allowing African American's into the FFA. Civil Rights Act of 1964 helped make this possible.
* Membership Dues increased from .10 to .50 cents
* 1966 First Ag. Career Show was held at National Convention.
* 1967 Elmer Johnson works with FFA to develop FFA archives at the National FFA Center.
* 1968 President Nixon attends National Convention.
* 1969 FFA opens membership to Female members for the 1st time.
* 1971 National FFA Alumni is founded.
* Building Our Amercian Communities program begins.
* 1973 FFA Official Dress Standards are created.
* 1974 Fred McClure from Texas becomes the 1st African American elected to National FFA Office as Secretary.
* President Gerald Ford speech at the National Convention is broadcast live on network TV.
1970's Cont...
* 1975 Food for America program launched
* Governor Jimmy Carter Speaks at FFA National Convention.
* 1976 Julie Smiley of Washington is elected as the 1st Female national officer.
* First FFA Handbook is published
* Alaska becomes the last of the 50 states to obtain an national charter.
* 1978 Commemorative marker noting site of FFA Founding is unveiled in Kansas City
* Christie Peterson becomes 1st Extemporaneous Public Speaker Winner.
*1980 National FFA Foundation raises more than 1 Million in one year for the 1st time
* 1982 Jan Eberly of California becomes 1st Female FFA National President.
* 1983 AG Ed Network, the FFA's computerized information service is launched.
* 1984 First FFA TV PSA's air.
* 1986 First Agscience Teacher of the Year award is given
* 1987 First National TV satellite broadcast of the National FFA Convention aired.
1980's Cont....
* 1987 George H. Bush spoke at National Convention as Vice President. A year later he would win the Presidency.
* 1988 Future Farmers of America changes it's name to the National FFA Organization.
* 7th and 8th grade students are allowed to become members.
* Ronald Regan speaks at the 1988 convention via pre-recorded message
* 1989 The National Future Farmers magazine changes name to FFA New Horizons.
* 1990 Partners in Active Learning Support Program ( PALS ) is launched.
* Delegates vote "NO" to adoption of New FFA Creed at 63rd National Convention.
* 1991 Charters are granted to schools in US Virgin Islands.
* 1994 Corey Flournoy from Illinois is voted as the First African American President.
* 1996 FFA announces plans to move the National FFA Center from Alexandria, VA to Indianapolis, Ind.
1990's Cont.....
* 1996 FFA announces plans to move the National FFA Convention from Kansas City, Mo. to Louisville, Ky.
* Also in 1996 the official website for the FFA was lauched. www.ffa.org
* 1997 First Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards are presented.
* 1998 National FFA Center in Indianapolis is dedicated.
* 1998 The Agricultural Education National headquarters in Alexandria, Va. is dedicated.
1990's Cont...
* 1998 National Convention is held for the last time in Kansas City, Mo.
* 1998 Jose Santiago of Puerto Rico becomes the 1st FFA member from the state to serve as a National Officer.
* 1999 72nd National FFA Convention is held in Louisville, Ky for the 1st time.
* Micheal Von Winkle of Arkansas wins 1st National Creed Speaking Event.
* 2001 First National Star in Agriscience and National Star in Agricultural placement is recognized.
* FFA Discovery Degree is offered for Middle School students.
* 2002 75th National FFA Convention is held in Louisville, Ky, the time capsule from the 50th convention was open and Muhammad Ali is recognized at Reflections to honor the growing divesity of the organization.
* Karlene Lindow of Wisconsin becomes 1st female Star Farmer.
2000's Cont...
* 2002 Official Dress standards are revised
* 2003 Javier Moreno is elected National President. He is the first officer elected with a native language other than English. He also became the 1st Puerto Rican elected as National President.
* Washington Leadership Conference added on on-line component allowing participants to continue learning throughout the year.
* "ONLY BLUE WILL DO" campaign is lauched to restore focus on the FFA Jacket and Colors.
2000's Cont...
* 2002 "FFA Live" is launched on RFD-TV.
* 2004 Lifeknowledge is lauched.
* First live webcast on FFA.org of the 77th National Convention.
* 2005 National FFA launches Seeds of Hope to help rebuild Gulf Coast States ag programs following Hurricane Katrina
* FFA breaks the 10 million mark in raising money for FFA programs
* National FFA Convention is held in Louisville, Ky for the last time.
2000's Cont...
*2006 National FFA receives it's first 1 million dollar contribution from Ford Motor Company.
* 79th FFA National Convention is held in Indianapolis, Ind with 54,489 members attending.
* 2007 FFA Mechandise center opens in Indianapolis.
* Membership breaks half-million mark with 500,823 members.
* FFA New Horizons adds on-line features
* 2009 FFA celebrates 40th anniversary of females being allowed to be members.
* Dr. Larry Case retires as National Advisor after 45 years in Ag. Education
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