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Social Influence

by Francesco Gulla

Francesco Gulla

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Influence

Social Influence Created by Francesco Gulla Peer pressure Varieties of social influence Compliance Identification People agree an opinion with others.

But actually have an other opinion in private. A lot of people are influenced by someone.

This someone is usually liked and respected.

For example a celebrity or an favourite grandfather. Someone agree and accept a set of norms.

This norms are created by a group of people.

The norms are very influential to this someone. Internalization What is social influence? Social Influence is when our own feelings, thoughts or actions are affected by other people. 1 2 Variaties of social influence Peer Pressure Obedience Leadership Persuasion Sales & Marketing P Peer Pressure Peer pressure is when someone changes his behaviour or attitude within a group. Influental factors in peer pressure Informational influence Normative influence People behave very conformitive to be seen as a sympathetic person.

People adapt to a group because they want to make a good impression to others.

People feel unsafe if they represent another opinion as their group.

People fear antipathy and dislike within the group. If people in certain situations don't know what they have to do, other people can be used as an information source.

This happens because we want to eliminate a personal uncertainty, by relying on the opinion of the majority and adopting this. Thank you for your attention
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