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If A Cell Were A City

No description

Jonathan Lombardo

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of If A Cell Were A City

Mitochondria is like the city's power plant because it produces energy
Cell Wall
The cell wall is like the police because the police protects the city and the cell wall protects the plant cell

The nucleus is the mayor of the city because the nucleus controls the cell
Cell membrane
A cell wall is like the water that may or may not surround the city take New York City for example Manhattan is surrounded by water and you have to cross a bridge to get to it. the cell membrane surrounds the cell
Golgi Apparatus
The golgi apparatus is like the city's mail system since it transports things the cell needs to other parts of the cell

Chloroplast is like the recycling center of a city because it takes one thing (sunlight) and turns it into chlorophyll which then photosynthesis occurs
Cytoplasm is like the people in the city because cytoplasm is what fills a cell and people fill a city
If A Cell Were A City
Ribosomes are like construction workers because ribosomes build up protein and construction workers build buildings
The Vacoule is like the grocery store, it holds what you need to survive
Lysosomes are like the sanitation system because workers go around to collect waste and deposits them in the city dump
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