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Student Rep Campaign brief

No description

Tiia Meuronen

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Student Rep Campaign brief

Student Rep Candidates briefing
Now go and get elected!
Let's start with the basics...
Running to become a...

Undergraduate Course Rep
Postgraduate Research Rep
Department Rep
Postgraduate Taught Course Rep
Everyone on your Course & at the same level as you

However; Some courses are so small and share so many modules we have grouped them, and as such they share a representative.

Every PGR Student in Brunel

Everyone in your Department

Everyone on your Course

... like who can vote for you?

...check the next slide!

You are on a course so awesome (and small), that you get to share a Course Rep with other levels.

Don't worry though, it's still all people studying the same thing you are, so they know what it's like and can really represent you!
Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics
Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Design
Mechanical Engineering with Building Services

Theater and Creative writing
Theater and English
Theater and Film and Television Studies

Anthropology and Sociology

Games Design
Games Design and Creative Writing
Games Design and Film and Television Studies

Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics
Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Design
Mechanical Engineering with Building Services

Computer Science
Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
Computer Science (Digital Media and Games)
Computer Science (Network Computing)
Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Sociology and Media Studies

Business Computing
Business Computing (eBusiness)
Business Computing (Human Computer Interaction)
Business Computing (Social Media)

Levels 0 & 1 share a Course Rep
All levels have one (1) shared Course Rep
they can be from any level and voted by everyone on the course
Here's how it works:
from either level, voted by students on levels 0 & 1
If you you're not an UG student on any of the courses listed below, you can skip to the next slide!
Let's start with the basics...
... like how does this work?
When to promote yourself?
As a candidate, you need to make sure students who can vote for you (those in the previous slides) know and remember to vote for you.

Voting closes on 21st October at 4pm
How to vote?
The whole voting happens ONLINE, so not during lectures or in secret meetings. All anyone needs to vote is the following address:

Now to the real stuff...
... like how to campaign?
The best place for you to campaign is where your voters are, so we suggest the following options:

Lecture shout outs
Ask the staff (especially the lecturer!) if you could have a moment at the beginning or end of a lecture to let people know who you are and why they should vote for you

Social media
Do you have a Facebook group for your course? As a Department Rep candidate, could you get added to the course groups, or ask your friends to give a shout out in their groups? Twitter is still used as well!
Social situations
Spare time? Spending an afternoon with fellow students? Let them know they should vote for you, in real life!
Let's start with the basics...
... like what or who are Student Reps?
If you are a bit unsure of the different Rep roles and who's who, head to:

to refresh your knowledge.

Now to the real stuff...
... like what you should NOT do?
As a Student Rep candidate, no real life advice here*

If you have any other brilliant ideas, let us know & go ahead!
*If you do need some, the Advice & Representation Centre is the place to go

Examples of unfair campaigning includes and is not limited to:

• Destroying, defacing or removing other candidates publicity
• Campaigning in the computer rooms or in the library/ Bannerman centre, as every computer is technically a ballot station.
Also, you cannot ask anyone to login and vote on said personal electronic devices.
• Making comments which are deemed negative or abusive against another candidate or member of a campaign team.
• Using your current position of authority or power to access information (including communications routes) which are not freely available to other candidates.
• Providing gifts, freebies or preferential access to events or activities (or any other action which may be interpreted as bribery)
• Actions which may be perceived as bullying or intimidating any other candidate, campaigner or student
• Using Union hosted sites or Social Media to promote an election candidate.
• Spamming or Harassing voters through messaging, email and social media.

You are campaigning locally, but there are still some rules in place to ensure fair campaigning
Nearly there...
Support & contacts
There are hundreds of you, but support is still available!
For advice and support, get in touch with:
Vice President of your College
Aaron Lowman
Yousef Mohamed
Mohamed Omar
Staff at the Union
Christina Shevill
Student Rep Coordinator
Rebecca Davies
Student Voice Manager
They are close to you & know the Course and Department, so don't be scared to ask for support.
Nearly there...
After elections
If you are elected, way to go! That's when the fun starts.
To help you get started, you are
expected to attend


provided to you, for free, by the Union.
All done!
Any questions?
Christina Shevill
Student Rep Project Coordinator
Rebecca Davies
Student Voice Manager
Get in touch!
Or come and see us at the Union!
(Hamilton building)
Good luck!
You will know if you were elected by the end of the week
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