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Back to School Night

No description

Kristen Brown

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Back to School Night

First Grade Is Sweet!
This will be my sixteenth year of teaching.
I have taught:
3rd Grade
2nd Grade
Reading Recovery
Optional Extended Day Kindergarten
1st Grade

Daily Schedule

My Math
(What I Need)
School starts at 8:55 and ends at 3:30 Monday-Thursday. Friday hours are 8:55-1:15. Please have your child at school on time. Students should not arrive before 8:30 and are expected to remain outside until the bell rings, weather permitting, unless they have a parent note. All children must be checked out through the office if leaving early.
WCSD follows the McGraw-Hill Treasures Reading Program. It is a comprehensive reading/language arts program. Students will take weekly assessments and unit assessments once per trimester. Spelling lists will come home weekly with their words. On spelling tests, points will be given for spelling words correctly and correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling high frequency words in the sentence. Students will also be given two challenge words, not on the list, to assess their understanding of the weekly spelling skill. Spelling tests will be given each Friday.
My Math is our district’s math program. Some of our math goals for 1st grade are to:
*Know strategies to add & subtract within 20
*Recognize place value
*Tell time to the hour and half hour
*Recognize and describe 2D and 3D shapes
*Organize data and use graphs
Our Library time will be on Friday. Your child will check out two books and keep both books at school.
Homework will be sent home each Monday in their Homework Folder. Homework will include spelling, math, high frequency word practice, Drops in the Bucket review, and Lucky Listener. Homework should be returned each Friday. Your child is also expected to read at least 20 minutes a night. Please have your child color in a character on their reading calendar for every 20 minutes they read. Prizes and awards will be given in the library and in our class for completed reading calendars.
We will celebrate each child’s birthday or their half birthday (for summer birthdays). Your child may bring treats on his or her birthday, but please remember that all treats must be store bought and are optional.
Please do not send treats containing nuts!
SweeTart of the Week
During one week of the school year your child will be spotlighted as our “SweeTart.” During that week, we will hang up their pictures and “We Want to Know” sheet. Each day they will participate in a special activity. They will also be my special helper and get special privileges.
SEP’s are going to be held August 24-25th, November 14-17th and February 13-16th. Appointments will be scheduled with an online scheduler. I will send more information as the time approaches. Please contact me if you have any questions or need to schedule a special time.
Minimum school days are used for teacher trainings. They will be the following days:
Aug 22, Sep 19, Oct 24, Dec 5, Jan 23, and March 6

School will be released at 1:15 on those days.
Remind 101
I will be sending out periodic reminders through text messaging. This app keeps your numbers private. I will not receive any messages texted back to this number, so if you have questions you will have to contact me through my contact information. To receive these reminders text @50057 in the message (you do need the @ sign) to 81010.
Throughout the year I will be saving some of your child’s work for his or her portfolio. I will also include photographs of the students during parties or other fun activities.

Social Media
Please follow our class on Instagram @
or text me your email address to be added to our private Facebook group.
I have an open door policy. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You may contact me by coming in, through phone, text, or e-mail. Please do not hesitate! I absolutely love teaching and want only the best for your child!!! Kristen Brown Cell #435.773.1999
E-mail: kristen.brown@washk12.org
Daily Schedule (Mon-Thur)
8:55 Language Arts/Centers
10:45 Break
11:00 W.I.N. time for Language Arts
11:30 D.E.A.R.
11:42 Lunch
12:12 Math
1:00 W.I.N. time for Math
1:30 Writing
1:50 Language Arts/Whole Group
2:15 Break
2:30 Computers/Rotations
Mon: Music
Tue: PE
Wed: Science
Thur: Science (Every other Thursday)
3:25 Clean-Up
3:30 Dismissal
Friday Schedule
8:55 Language Arts
10:45 Break
11:00 Library/Character Ed
11:30 Story/Clean up
11:42 Lunch
12:12 Science/Social Studies/Art
1:15 Dismissal
I really try to focus on the positive behavior in my classroom. Each student has a pocket on the behavior chart where they earn smiley sticks. For every ten sticks they get, they earn a treasure box. They may choose a treasure or a privilege in the classroom. The classroom also has a marble jar to fill to earn a class party.
However, we do need to have consequences. They receive red sticks in their pockets for not following the rules. The first red stick is a warning. The next is a five minute loss of recess. The third is a ten minute loss of recess. If there is a fourth offense during the day, the child will use my phone to make a phone call home.

Discipline Slips
Students may be given a discipline slip if a school rule is broken in a severe manner or if there is a consistent behavior problem. Discipline slips can be given by any member of the Sandstone faculty or staff.

a day in Language Arts and Math for all 1st graders. Students will get extra help in areas they need additional practice in. Students who are proficient will be given extension opportunities.
"What I Need" time is an extra time set aside twice
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