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The Average Hippopatoms

No description

Riley Brooks

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Average Hippopatoms

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When most people think of a hippopotamus
they think of a very large animal in Africa that
eats a lot, swims because it's hot, and just a
funny kind of looking animal. This poem
portrayed and created an image of just that in
your mind.
Every line in this poem rhymes. It follows and

Besides using weird made up words
in the poem Jack uses metaphors too.
For example, "He is practically a
By: Jack Prelutsky
The average
is big from top to bottomus,
It travels at a trotamus
and swims when days are hotamus,
Because it eats a lotamus
It's practically a yachtamus
So it's a cinch to spotamus
The average hippopotamus

The Average

Jack Prelutsky used funny words to describe the hippo and by doing that it made the images in your head seem of a hippo seem silly, wacky and funny rather then a huge wild animal.
AAAA rhyme scheme. Every last word in each line ends in "US" For example in the poem;

The average hippopotamUS
is big from top to bottomUS
The language in this poem very odd. Many of the words like, "spotamus" are made up. Jack Prelutsky does this for a good reason though. It creates a certain mood and tone that makes the poem funny. Jack did a very good job of using the wacky word HIPPOPOTAMUS and spoofing other words in the poem to sound like hippopotamus
Also this poem is
made up of 2 stanzas
with 4 lines in each
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