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on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of KEESH

The Story of Keesh
As a rule most of the tribes of Polar Sea have a tradition of leadership. Sages of Keeshs tribe have made him a new leader. Because traditions say so. But people of tribe were arguing that Keesh is too young and he has not enough experience.
KEESH was written by famous British writer Jack London. Keesh is a story about small boy who has lived at the edge of the Polar Sea.
Life at the edge of the Polar Sea
Life of Keesh was really difficult. Winter lasts 6 months at the Polar Sea.So it was difficult to find enough food.His father tried his best to supply his family and his tribe with food. Because he was the leader of his tribe.
Death of Keeshs Father
Suddenly Keeshs father dies while he was hunting. It bring lot of difficulties to Keeshs family. Because his father was only man who knew everything about hunting. And there weren't any other men. Keesh was ruined down , and he didn't knew what to do.
Keesh as a leader of his tribe
People of tribe have said that Keesh should prove that he can be the leader of the tribe. In order to do that he must kill a polar bear in the fight.
Fight with polar bear
Keesh accepted this offer.
After a long fight with bear he has killed it. And he has brought the skin and head of the bear to the sages of tribe.After that he became a real leader of his tribe.
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