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Copy of Clinometer Project

Instructions for the Clinometer Project in Mr. Crook's Accelerated Geometry Class.

Stephanie Coull

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Clinometer Project

What is a Clinometer?
We have a PROBLEM...
The Flag Pole
Mr. O'Donnell wants to order new bulbs for the school sign, but no one can climb to the top to measure how tall it is.
The Answer: A Clinometer
A clinometer is a device that measures angles of elevation or depression.
So what?
Using some trigonometry, we can use an angle of elevation to fix our problem.
Here's How:
A student measures the angle of elevation to the top of the object. Her partner measures the horizontal distance from the student to the object.
Then, with some trigonometry, you can calculate the height of the object.
One more thing:
Don't forget the distance from the measurer's eyes to the the ground.
Otherwise, your height calculations will be too short
Now for the trigonometry...
That is for you to figure out.
Here is your Assignment:
Measure the heights of 3 objects on campus.
Present one of your calculations to the class.
Group Presentation (Groups of 4):
Must be 3-5 minutes in length.
Must include pictures or diagrams of all the important parts of your measurements (object, site, clinometer, etc.).
Must describe the process of measuring and how you arrived at your answer.
Every group member must participate fully.
Suggestions for your presentation:
Here are a few suggestions of presentations you could create. Feel free to make a presentation that is not on the list, as long as it meets the requirements above.
PowerPoint Presentation or Prezi
Make sure you include the math in your presentation. There are a few ways you can do this:
To create Equations in PowerPoint:
Choose “Insert”
Choose “Object”
Choose “Microsoft Equation”
Get Creative!
Have an idea that I haven't thought of?

The more original and creative your project is, the more extra credit your group will receive.
Materials: You may want to use:
Camera (Still or Video)
Tape Measure
Art Supplies (if appropriate)
Anything else to enhance your presentation
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