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ISQ Innovate 5 - Space Edit #2

No description

Stephen Collis

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of ISQ Innovate 5 - Space Edit #2

All examples from Northern Beaches Christian School
Cave: 1 to self
Campfire: 1 to many (guru)
Watering Hole: many to many (marketplace, village square)
Mountain Top: 1 to many (performance) Space Toilets Cave, Campfire, Watering Hole Northern Beaches Christian School Teacher Ron Clarke Academy Metaphoric Timelapse Symbol Space Top: Northern Beaches Christian School - Art Gallery in Toilets
Middle: Wycliffe Christian School
Bottom: Ron Clarke Academy, High Tech High 140 Year 8s
+ 6 teachers
in 1 space 180 Yr 5/6 students
+ 6 teachers
in 1 space Various Music Classes
Multiple Year Groups
1 space. Yr 8 French
breakout 'guru session'
8 students
remaining 18 students visible in side room What have toilets got to do with learning? Cave Campfire Watering Hole Why might the bathrooms be a strategic space
to start with at a school? Drag Photos to
Category and Annotate What is happening in the background?

What is happening in the foreground?

Drag video out and annotate. How do these spaces position students?

What other non-classroom spaces could a classroom be modeled around?

What other physical cues might silently influence the culture of a space? Add any observations or reflections about the timelapse video? Drag items outside the circle and annotate with your observations. Core questions: how are symbols (i.e. writing) interacting with people and physical space. Any insights, reflections? REMOVE teachers from the Space.
(180 kids, 1 space, no teachers, for a whole day) Virtual Caves, Campfires, Watering Holes Analyse these virtual spaces.
Could even add own screenshots. Cave - 1:self... REFLECTION SPACE
Campfire - 1:many INFORMATION SPACE
Watering Hole - many:many COLLABORATION SPACE

Can layer multiple configurations
into one virtual space. Information Space For NEXT SESSION Time Durable Ephemeral Local Low Visible Local High Visible Global Space Durable
+ History A primeval space of safety and community Outside the light is the darkness;
a place of stories and imagination. the campfire leader directs action viewed this one! I had the image of a performer and audience;
here the performer leads the 'tribe'... Caves need the solitary;
they need a flexible nook
for different functions Sharing ideas:
how did you grow those beets?! A Voicethread can be a Campfire space - one to many A voicethread could be a collaborative space if many contribute to the content A central guru,
but sharing ideas A voice thread could also be a personal reflection space external teaching The shape of this space
is interesting...:
This student seems to
have enclosed his space,
engaging with the space.
Agency to change apt
spaces - important?! Youtube as a campfire space - informational. Possibly mountain top. Also Khan Academy videos - students learning (flip learning) at home with more opportunity to engage with the physical space at school. Another example of the campfire is TED talks! external based teaching for students in remote communities - this allow any classroom anywhere? Knowledge economy: Global best school buildings
According to the BBC...
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14975270 ` wifi & internet allow learnig anywhere any time What do we associate with whiteboards?
- erasable memory
- the ability to make mistakes
- collaboration
- big picture
- clean slate iBrainstorm and other iPad applications are fantastic for collaboration. For example, iBrainstorm allows collaboration through sticky-notes, drawings etc. makes cheating during an exam possible due to online technology and peer sharing Our school has an art corridor outside
the art room. What does THAT say
about a space and the art itself? Toilets: The modern cave... Google docs allows students and teachers to collaborate in real time - not only that, but you can see who made what changes when and can even set back to an earlier occasion! Definitely a virtual watercooler IWBs - are they the future?
Do they serve a purpose... underneath YouTube the comments are a watering hole - many to many No F Marketplace meets fire - bunch of ideas, a leader School of the air what is used out there -
is there a better solution? Can anyone tell me what this is? Classroom of Avatars? ca butcher's paper Many to many - making connections right now! Given our recent Olympic exploits and the discussion about the role of sport in developing well rounded individuals. How do we make Physical Education lessons and sport more engaging for our students? where is the centre? Many to many! Wondering what this is also? Sandbox gaming allows you to explore to your hearts content - there is no limit to where you can go - this is an imaginative way to create your own journey
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