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Guinea, Africa

No description

Alysha Pev

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Guinea, Africa

They have a Constitutional republic, with Alpha Conde being head of it.

How does the family work?
How is Guinea set up?
People here like art. They make brightly colored masks and love making sculptures. They also like to write. Music and dance is very important to them.
Who Rules Guinea?
Family Structure.
85% of the people practice Islam
10% of the people practice Cristianity.

Most of the people in Guinea are poor. Those who do have a higher status are members of the fang tribe.
Everyone in the family is responsible of taking care of the sick and the elderly.
Men are head of the house.
Women take care of children and house. They also move into their husbands family when she gets married.
It is very rare for women to work outside of the house. They do all of the housework while men go out and work. Women own little property and some have jobs in agriculture. They do have legal rights but tend to stay close to their culture but can go shopping. Kids help with housework and farming.
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Republic of Guinea.
Guinea Background
What are the important events in Guinea's History?
Guinea's History
Guinea is in West Africa. Some of their exports include coffee, bananas, pineapples, and peanuts.This is a third world developing country.There are 10.5 million people here. There is tropical weather and a rainy season from April to November with high temperatures. Despite being in Africa, they speak French.

-Guinea is told to be a separate colony from Senegal from the French.
- Colonial period beginning with the military for France making their way into Guinea. The French were assured they could take over when they defeated Guinea in 1898 and the French took control immediately.
-In 1958, Guinea breaks free from France.
- In 1965, Sekou Toure broke off completely from France.
- In 1990, a constitution makes way for a government

Guinea, Africa
Social Structure
70% of the kids are educated in school. School is mandatory for kids ages 6-14. Many kids transfer to France to finish school with a higher education. Kids mostly learn life lessons from mother.

Sixty-six percent of the population works in agriculture, 23 percent in services, and 11 percent in industry.

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