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Fast And Furious 6

No description

jack harrison

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Fast And Furious 6

Fast And Furious 6
It is action do to the high amounts of violence and explosions in the film as you can see from the picture and if you watch some of the link at 2:20 for a couple of minutes you can see that it is a action movie due to the tank the fast cars and the car explosions.
fast and furious is liner because it carry's on from the last movie instead of going off something new it follows the story from the previous movie. there is also a enigma in the film right at the end where Han
dies giving the puzzle of who killed him after we find out who it is after that it cuts off leaving the cliff hanger of what is going to happen next
Its is aimed mostly at teenagers because of the age certificate 15+ mostly male for it being focused on cars and violence which some women may not like also older people because of the older fans of fast and furious. Also car fans will be into the film because of the amount of cars involved
Vin diesel fans will also want to watch it after he has appeared in moves like ridick and XXX so people who liked them films might be interested in watching the film
WWE fans of the actor Dwayne Johnson (the rock) would be interested because of his wrestling career

parents could have a oppositional reading to this because more and more young drivers are becoming more aggressive and are putting their lives and the public lives in danger. the police may have a oppositional reading because in the movie the cars are driving way over the speed limit and doing life threatening stunts which young drivers may copy and could injure themselves or the public or even even kill someone
The mode of address is action because of the explosions and high amounts of violence as you can see in the picture it shows a plane crashing o the run way in a huge explosion and in this scene there is high amounts of violence and this gives it a serious tone because off all of whats going on it inst a comedy and this is easily shown in the scene. This will make he audience feel nervous and worried because they don't know what is going to happen so this is how the audience will feel
The sound contains very intense
music in the scene which sets the
tone of what happening in the film
and with the music you can tell it is
action with the tone of the
background music.

It has lots of camera shots in the
film but in this scene its mostly mid shots/ wide shots as you can see in the picture a wide shot is used so we can see the entire scene the tank the actor and the car so we can see whats going on and mid shots are used so we can see the characters in the cars and see their facial expressions
you expect to see in fast and furious is obvious the main characters e.g. Vin diesel, Paul walker etc. another thing you would expect to see is the fast cars which is the main focus of the film. what you would expect too see in the film is the racing that goes on in the film. you also find well known locations for example London and it also includes the violence e.g. fighting gun fights and wreck less driving
There are loads of different camera shots used in
fast and furious 6 e.g. mid shots, wide angle shots
and close ups are the most used like in the car when they are racing it uses mid shots so we can see the actors facial expression as you can tell in the picture

the wide angle shots are used so we can see whats going on in the scene as you can see in the picture it shows the tank running over a car the actor flying and the car hes jumping too so we can see a lot of things going on in the scene

and the close up is used so we can see their facial expressions and you can see in the picture vin deisel has a very serious look on his face so we can see and feel the emotion he does

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