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World Hunger Ecology Project

No description

Haley Diment

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of World Hunger Ecology Project

World Hunger
How Vegetarianism Can Help World Hunger
A more abundant supply of crops and other foods grown for agricultural animals could be fed to people
Advantages & Disadvantages of Being Vegetarian
Positive impact on environment
Reduction in health related issues
The components of vegetarian food

Vegetarian food can be low in necessary nutrition to maintain a healthy diet
It may be a struggle to find/make meals that fit a vegetarian diet
-Eating out at restaurant can be a struggle
-Holiday meal choices are limited
Types of Vegetarians
Small, rural villages
Refugee camps
Ethnically divided cities
It can cause malnutrition and undernourishment to those who are affected by it
Starvation is the act or state of starving
Malnutrition is a lack of proper nutrition.
Natural Disaster
Agricultural Infrastructure
Over-Exploitation of Environment
Independent Variable: No meat in diet (Haley cut out beef and pork; Annika cut out chicken and fish)
Dependent Variable: Calorie count and energy levels
Control Variable: A regular diet
Description of Set-Up (Vegetarian Experiment)
One Ecosystem
Measured on the change in the numbers of producers and consumers
Description of Set-Up (Ecosystem)
Causes of World Hunger
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By Annika Geisler & Haley Diment
What's been done to Help Solve World Hunger
Average African child's diet:
Lack of nutrition other than carbohydrates to improve brain development
Average American child's diet: Balanced diet with resources to healthy foods and monitoring by parents
What Can We do to Solve World Hunger?
Volunteer our time and help prepare and give food at local soup kitchens or food drives
Lobby local politicians
freerice.com - A unique way to end hunger one grain at a time
Volunteer or donate to world hunger organizations
Eat less meat
Going Vegetarian
The green revolution
Community food drives to help end local hunger
Donation websites that go towards purchasing food for the hungry
Stop Hunger Now - An international hunger relief agency
Experimental Set-Up
Full transcript