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What is Geography?

No description

Meaghan Kelley

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of What is Geography?

Geographer's Tools
Maps and Globes
Make a Venn Diagram comparing maps and globes
What is Geography?
Comes from the Greek "geographein" meaning "to describe the earth's surface." Geo means earth and graphein means to write.
Geography as a Science
Geographers ask "How does the world work?"
Geography as a Social Science
Social Science= a field that studies people and the relationships among them
Looking at the World
What is Geography?
What are questions a Geographer might ask?
What might a geographer as a social scientist look at?
Government, language, jobs,
So geography is the study of the world, its people and landscapes it creates
Landscapes= all human and physical features that make it unique
What does the land look like?
Are there mountains?
Is the land flat?
What kind of vegetation is there?
Are there a lot of trees?
Is there a desert?
What is the weather like?
Is is hot in the summer?
Snow in the winter?
How much rain does the area get?
Are there tornadoes?
What are the people like?
Do they live in apartments or houses?
How do they travel?
What kinds of jobs do they have?
Where most of the people born in the area or did they move there?
They look at data and information to determine how things work.
Learn about lives of people and the communities they live in
Local Level
Study towns and communities
Look at why people live and work like they do
Can help improve the lives of the people
Regional Level
Region: a part of the world that has 1 or more common features that distinguish it from surrounding areas
Physical Characteristics such as mountains, climates, vegetation can define a region (e.g.- Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Sahara Desert) What other regions can you think of?
Human characteristics such as language, religion, and history can also define a region (e.g.- Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe where similar languages are spoken and people practice the same religion) What are some other regions and what are their similar characteristics?
Why might geographers divide the world into regions?
Smaller areas are easier to study
To compare one region to another
Global Level
Geographers may also want to know how people interact on a global level
Want to find out how events and ideas from one region of the world affect people in other regions
What might a geographer at a global level study?
US buying oil from the Middle East
Importation and exportation of goods
Satellite Images
gather images from above earth
can show info we cannot see
help make accurate maps
Computer programs, measuring devices, notebooks, recorders
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