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No description

Nico Broersen

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Icydrink

International marketing plan
Hannah Scott
Stefan Weyrich
Kai Niehues
Nico Broersen
Marketing Plan
Company Analysis
External Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Operational Marketing Plan
Profit and Loss Account
Evaluation of the Business
Decision as an Investor
Company analysis
External Analysis - PESTLE

Constitutional Monarchy since 1932
2014 military coup and ongoing political instability
Performed poorly in all of the World Bank's Worldwide Governance Indicators 2013, including political stability, rule of law, and control of corruption (MarketLine)
King provides a certain stability
Can easily engage customer with this product
Good for the Thai market - affinity for ice
Made in Italy -trendy and luxurious
Large gross profit margin
Innovative and unique product
No direct competitors
The Ice glass will last about 25 minutes in 25 C, this can cause limited use outside in Thailand where it can reach high temperatures
8 glasses per 30 minutes per machine & a glass only holds up to 100 ml
Can they meet high demands?
Large storage requirements needed
Very high price for value given
Easily imitable - the patent may not offer much protection in Thailand

External Analysis - Competitors
What does Icydrink offer:
Luxury (more than just a glass)
Ice cold drinks without diluting
Elegant design
Operational Marketing
Marketing plan
Starting sales in Bangkok due to its large luxury segment and strategic location whereafter Phuket and other touristic areas will be targeted.

210 high end Hotels (that are above the average of €50 a night) 175 luxury bars/restaurants 25 others (Casino’s & event halls, etc).
New developed product in an existing market (ice maker machines)
Automatic ice-glass maker machine
Specific design of the ice and its glass (Patent)
Size: Ø 90 h- 105 mm
Capacity: 10cl
Avg weight: 165 gr
Lasting time: 25 min
: We at Vetro Diamante do not believe we are selling an ice glass machine, instead we believe we are selling an experience of luxury and class. We want our product to be the proof of excellence for hotels and bars in Thailand.
Marketing plan
Operational Marketing:
Ice-glass machine:
Cycle time 30 min
8 pieces/cycle
400 glasses in 24h
Width 20,86 – Depth 23,62 – Height 31,30 Inch

Pricing strategy:
Premium price strategy: € 6000,- for the machine
Positioning in the luxury segment:
Exclusive (and preferably trendy) hotels, bars and clubs, focusing on the high end tourist segment.

Long term objectives:
Having a presence in all the major tourist areas while having sold approximately 220 machines in 4 years time in Thailand and expansion to other touristic Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and the Philippines

Sales objectives
Quantitative: 50 units sold in year 1, 70 units in year 2, 100 units sold in year 3&4, Totaling 220 units sold in 3 years
Qualitative: Certainly in the beginning only sales in high end and trendy hotels and bars thereby strengthening the image of luxury and trendiness
Operational Marketing:
Professional web page for the Thai market with an option to apply for the ice-glass machine
Online advertising on social media platforms like FB or YouTube
Creation of events to gain brand awareness (Competition for a free machine between bars)
Attend fairs of the food and beverage industry
Engage Sales Representative to promote our business on a commission basis
Operational Marketing:
Hotel, Bars, Yachts and Restaurants
Exclusive application process for potential customers
Establishing partnerships with large liquor companies, such as Absolut Vodka, Russian standard and/or creating partnerships with luxury hotel/bar chains such as Imperial hotels
Currency: Baht (THB)
High focus on tourism, which accounted for 9% of GDP in 2013 (MarketLine)
Economic growth decreased from 6.49% in 2012 to 2.89% in 2013
Military junta says economic recovery is its priority and plans to boost consumption and stimulate FDI (MarketLine)
2013 unemployment rate: 0.71%
In 2013 daily minimum wage of THB300 ($9.11) was introduced in the public sector (MarketLine)
Top alcohol-consuming country in ASEAN
31.5% of Thai people 15 years and over drink alcohol regularly, that's 17 million drinkers (Thai PBS)
Extremely high levels of piracy - on IIPA's Priority Watch List (MarketLine)
52 million people in Thailand are using the Internet (IIPA) and 28 million Facebook
2015 World Bank Doing Business Report
26th out of 189 for ease of doing business
62nd in terms of paying taxes
Inefficient bureaucracy is an obstacle for foreign investors
Weak labor laws means rights of workers are not guaranteed (MarketLine)
Physical Evidence:
Stylish and luxurious bars and hotels

Well-trained sales representatives/distributors in order to promote product. Bonus structure that increases exponentially by units sold 1.5-3.5%

Sales representative visits possible high-end customers like hotels, bars etc. to promote the ice machines
Application through website from interested buyers

Most competitors offer different features so there are no direct competitors
Operational Marketing:
Profit/Loss account
Year 1
Profit/loss scenarios
Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Heavy flooding and other natural disasters have occurred frequently in recent years
Innovative concept
Very limited growth opportunities
High end pricing strategy/high costs limits larger scale of sales
Inefficient ice machine
Not successful in other countries
More a gimmick than a serious/professional bar equipment
Year 2
Year 3
a special automatic ice-glass maker, which is protected by an international patent and is produced in Italy
External Analysis
Opportunities and Threats
Operating under new brand name:
Vetro Diamante
: Vetro Diamante: Ice cold luxury

Neutral Scenario:
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