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Edward Scissorhands Analysis Critique

Dardani 300 period 8

Taylor Lindsey

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Edward Scissorhands Analysis Critique

Max Taylor Claim Tim Burton's, Edward Scissorhands shows how society judges individuals that they cant understand labeling them as so-called beasts and using them for their own benefit then disposing of them. Brian Analysis Critiques Edward Scissorhands Visual talked about how Edward came in was immediately thought of as a tool then later on a threat They wrote " he is viewed(later) as no benefit to society"
This extends to the using of Edward

he became threatening after he got arrested for trying to break into Jim's house in which Jim was abusing him in order to get money. Predictions What Was Said Surprises Extension Jonas Time -Why people fear Edward
-Why don't they understand him
-How the town used him and disposed of him?
-Who are the real monsters? -The community using Edward
-"They used him as a bush clipper, or a haircutter"
-The community misunderstanding Edward -The reason for the change in the community's opinion of Edward wasn't fully addressed
-A skewed view of Edwards relationship with the town
-Also who was the real 'Beast' -The community was using Edward from the moment he entered the town
-This is because although they didn't understand him, they saw potential to further social position
-This is shown through Joyce's mistreatment of Edward because she is the embodiment of the community, which was the real monster in this story My predictions were short and sweet.
How using Edward was cruel and unthoughtful.
At first sight they made a bad opinion on him. (Never judge a book by its cover).
They never got to know who Edward was.
Once they used him for his unbelievable talent, they treated him like a wrapper and threw him out. The first person used a quote which said, "All along I felt in my gut there was something wrong with him" -Joyce
This person also said that when the townspeople first saw him they made a bad opinion on him. With out even getting to know him.
Relates back my prediction column on how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Clearly these people were never taught that.
The second person elaborated on how the townspeople used him with the hair cutting and bush trimming.
Not a single person stated why the people went from loving him to hating him immediately.
Someone talked about the good things that appalled the townspeople but never said what they didn't like about him.
Finally I was shocked that someone had more spelling mistakes then Jonas had. <3 An interesting point was made by one of my classmates, when they said, "first impressions are extremely difficult to overcome" This is true. For example if you go to your girlfriends or boyfriends house to meet their parents you could be so nervous that you mess something up real bad. Mainly in the Dad's eyes, he most likely will always refer to you as that person. In the end I didn't disagree with anyone's statements mainly because they agreed with me on most things. Extensions Surprises What Was Said Predictions - How the Town Abused Edward
- How the Town Turned on him - Only His abuse's were said
in this analysis None of them wrote
as much as i was expecting and left out the disposing of him which was part of the claim
Doesn't state where things happened Predictions What was Said Surprises Extension Edward Scissorhands
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