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Erica's Penguin Prezi

Erica's Penguin Prezi

brittany strachan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Erica's Penguin Prezi

Erica Noel Penguins What The Great Penguin looks like! -seventeen different kinds of penguins
-Black backs and white bellies
-all their necks are different
-all their heads are different
-smooth feathers
-sounds like a trumpet What does this great creature eat? -fish
-small squids
-They swim to catch their food
-They find food in the sea Where does he live? -Antarctica
-Thick ice and snow
-South America
-New Zealand
- South Africa
-They live in the hot and cold Penguins By Erica Mae Noel What are its enemies? How does it protect itself? -Leopard Seal
-a skua
-killer whales

-Peck enemies
-Swims away
-quickly leaps onto ice How did it adapt? -Short overlapping feathers
-Round body
-stores a layer of fat to stay warm
- Huddles in group to stay warm Interesting Facts about the Penguin -They see better underwater
-They eat snow
-they aren't afraid of humans Thank you for listening! Thank you for watching!
Now enjoy this video of a penguin being tickled! Krill
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