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Connie Lin

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Haiti

By: Connie Lin
Where is it?
- It is located between Cuba and Puerto Rico, also right next to the Dominican Republic.
When was it settled?
It was settled around 5000 B.C.
Most of Haiti's landforms are mountainous
Haiti's was settled around 5000 B.C.
Which European Country settled there?
- The Spanish, then the French settlers settled there.

- Treaty of Ryswick
Why did the French leave their homeland?
Most of the French left their home land is to extend France into a new land.
What's the capital?
- The capital of Haiti's is called Port-au-Prince.
Important cities!
Second largest city after Port-au-Prince.
Seaport city
Named several times. Example: Cap-Henry and Cap-Français.
First catherdal, hospital, customs house, and university of the Americas.
Was a model for the towns in the New World.
How was it settled?
1. Indians: Lived there first.

2. Spanish: Indians hostile killing them.

2. French: Fought with the Spanish for Haiti's.

[Brings back the Treaty of Ryswick.]
There are wars and was difficult to settle.
What is the daily life in Haiti's?
New state of slavery
Imports slaves from Africa.
What did Haiti's produce?
Produced tobacco, coffee, fruits, sugar cane, and spices.
How did they make a living?
Trading the goods.
What kind of government does Haiti's have?
Who were the leaders? Government?
Who were the original natives that used to live in Haiti's?
The Arawaks Indians used to lived there and got killed by European diseases.
How many people lived in Haiti's in the 1750s?
Mainly African slaves makes up the population.
About 40,000 French colonists.
The End!
Who were the leaders? Government?
The leader of that time was Henry I.
Government under French rule.
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