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Going where im coming from

No description

Purple class

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Going where im coming from

By: Naomi Shihab Nye
The main character of the story is a fourteen year old girl named Naomi who moves from the United States to Jerusalem.

During the story, Naomi struggles adapting to her new life, and wishes to go home. She gets enrolled in "Friends Boys School" where she is one of the six girls out of two hundred boys. She is told to not talk to any of the boys, angry at this she disobeys and gets transferred to a new school where is then starts the whole process again. Overtime, she makes friends and learns Arabic with kindergarteners. She finally adapts to living in Jerusalem. Things are going great until she finds out her good friend Sylvie Markarian, is being sent to Syria to marry a fifty year old man. Devastated at this thought, sadness overwhelms her and she then yearns to go back to the United States more than ever. Her family finally moves back, when war breaks out in Jerusalem. Her family settles in Texas.
The story takes place in 1966.

The story takes place in Jerusalem.

The conflict is resolved by the family moving back to
America, parts of the falling action is finding a place
to live in America, which is Texas, while there is a war going on in Jerusalem.
The climax of the story is when Slyvie Markarian, Naomi's good friend moves to Damascus, Syria for her arranged marriage with a fifty year old man. Naomi feels it's unfair that her friend has to get married to someone she barley knows and she then gets depressed.
What details help you understand what life was like in Jerusalem?
Some details that help us understand what life was like in Jerusalem, are that they are all Arabic-speaking and girls do not go to school past eighth grade. Jerusalem is a very strict place Nye says "
What details help you picture the Amenian Houses?

Some details that help us picture Armenian houses are...
Reading Skill
How do you respond to rules you think are unfair?
I don't respond to rules when I think they are unfair, I keep my opinion to myself, instead of arguing which would make me a target to get a trouble.
Think of a time when you felt frustrated in a class. What did you do to solve the problem?
If I am frustrated in class, I solve the problem by either getting a drink of water, or going to the bathroom to wash my face, after I will ask the teacher or a friend for help. These methods usually relax my mind and help me focus.
Can you belong in two places?
Yes, you can belong in two places because you can belong in the sign language club and also be part of Inter murals. You can also live in America but you can express you ethnicity. Ex. Little Italy in Manhattan, China town in Boston.

Author Facts:
Naomi is both Palestinian and American
She was born in 1952
Her mother was born in the United States and her father was born in Palestine
She learned both cultures equally
Think of a serious conversation you have had with friends. Based on how you felt afterward, how do you think Nye might have felt after having this conversation?
Nye must have felt terrified after the conversation, because of the fact that there was a war, where she was living. Also, because in the story her friends did'nt seem to worry about the war which must have concerned her.
Which of your own experiences can help you understand what Nye is feeling?

Reading Skill (cont.)
Going Where I'm Coming From
Text Analysis
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