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the fault in our stars plot chart

No description

cassidy schott

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of the fault in our stars plot chart

Augustus, Hazel, and Hazel's mom packed up their bags and got on the plane and headed to Amsterdam. When they arrived in Amsterdam they first settled in at their hotel then Hazel and Augustus went to Peter Van Houten's to meet him. Which did not go well and it turned out to be Augustus yelling at Peter because of how disrespectful Peter was.
Augustus and Hazel go out to dinner and Augustus has some news to tell Hazel. Augustus had recently gotten a PET scan and his cancer has returned. The cancer was now taking over his whole body agressively. Augustus didn't have much time left...
They return home and Hazel and Augustus continue to hangout and cherish the last moments they have together. Poor Hazel has to deal with her first love get weaker and weaker. Hazel one day gets a phone call... Augustus Waters had passed away June 2nd. This was a extremely hard time for Hazel. At the funeral Peter Van Houten had showed up and talked to Hazel about his daughter who had died of cancer and reminded him of Hazel. Later Hazel discovers a eulogy that Gus had wrote before he died that described what Hazel had meant to him. It was the last words from her first love.
rising action
Gus had cancer too that caused him to loose his left leg. After the support group Gus introduced himself and asked Hazel to come over to his house to hangout. While they were there Hazel and Gus got to learn more about each other. After that Hazel and Gus had continued to hangout and started to fall in love with each other "slowly then all at once". Augustus learned that Hazel really liked the author Peter Van Houten who wrote her favorite book "Imperial Affliction" and wanted to meet him in Amsterdam. So Augustus had emailed Peter and asked if they could take a trip to Amsterdam to meet him and he responded. He said he would be delighted if they came. There was a foundation called the Genie that allowed kids with cancer to have one wish. Hazel's wish was to go to Amsterdam.
the fault in our stars plot chart
Hazel Grace has cancer and her parents force her to go to a support group because they think she is depressed and want her to make friends. At the support group she meets a new friend named Augustus Waters "Gus".
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