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Manicure & Pedicare Service

No description

Sylvia White

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Manicure & Pedicare Service

Materials Required
Cuticle cream/oil
Cuticle Nippers
Orange sticks
Hoof stick
Cotton wool
Bowl of soapy water
Cuticle Work Procedure
Apply and massage cuticle cream or oil to moisturise and soften the cuticles
Soak nails to further soften
Dry with towel, gently pushing back cuticles
Apply cuticle remover to loosen accumulated dead skin
Push back the cuticles with a cotton wool tipped orange stick and rinse
Further ease back cuticles with hoof stick and use nippers to remove excess cuticle and hangnails
Additional Items required for Pedicare
Foot bath
Nail clippers
Coarse file
Pedi paddle
Toe separators
Equipment & Materials required for Manicure
Clean towels
Cotton wool balls
Nail File
Orange sticks
Cuticle cream
Cuticle remover
Nail polish remover
Hoof stick/cuticle pusher
Cuticle nippers
Massage cream
Nail brush
Base & Top coat
Nail Polish
Quick Dry
2 Small bowls
Manicure & Pedicare Service
The Professional Finger Rotation Method
Developed by Revlon
Good for client comfort
Prevents smudging of nail polish
Nails should be filed from side to centre and never sawed
Do not file right into nail corners
Use the fine side of the emery board for fingernails and coarse side for toenails
Hold the emery board between the thumb and index finger at a 45 degree angle to the nail plate
Bevel the edges
Overuse of cuticle nippers will cause rapid and excess growth of the cuticle
If cuticle is accidentally cut, apply firm pressure immediately

Introduction to Massage Movements
Stroking movement performed with whole palmar surface
Pressure applied in the drection of venous and lymphatic flow
Used to start, finish & link a massage routine
Can be deep or superficial
A variety of manipulations used to press the tissues down onto underlying structures
Includes picking up, wringing, skin rolling and palmar kneading

Stimulating percussion manipulations whereby both hands strike the body alternately
Wrists should be kept loose
Includes hacking, cupping, pounding & pinching
Trembling movement performed with the fingertips
Movements can be static or running

Hand & Arm Massage Procedure
Warm massage cream between your hands and apply
Six effleurage movements to forearm
Picking up to lateral, medial & alternate borders of the forearm
Wringing & Pinching
Thumb stroking to dorsum of hand
Thumb frictions between metacarpals
Thumb stroking and large frictions to palmar surface
Rotate wrist
Six effleurage to forearm
Hand & Arm Massage Video
Beneficial Effects of Massage
Improves venous & lymphatic circulation
Warms & relaxes muscles
Produces erythema
Moisturizes & nourishes skin
Movements to cuticle stimulate matrix and promote healthy nail growth
Relieves stress, tension, minor aches & pains
Possible causes for Nail Polish chipping
Oil or moisture on the nail plate
No base coat applied
Nail polish applied too thin
Flaking nail condition
Forced drying
Nail Polish Application
Ensure nails are free of oil & moisture by squeaking
Apply base coat
Apply TWO coats of colour in FOUR strokes - first stroke to centre, second to the left, third to the right, last stroke to smooth irregularities
Apply top coat
Spray with quick dry
NEVER flood the cuticles!!
Possible causes for Nail Polish peeling
A film of oil or moisture on the nail
Nail polish applied too thick
Application of second coat before first is dry
Nail Polish Bubbling???
Nail polish too thick in consistency
Application performed in heat or draft conditions
Manicure Procedure

Client & operator wash hands.
Remove any rings, watches or bracelets and pull back sleeves if necessary.
Remove nail polish & inspect nails for disease or disorders, scrub nails
Shape nails of clients left hand.
Massage cuticle cream or oil to cuticles of the left hand & place in soak.
Repeat steps 4 & 5 to right hand.
Remove left hand from soak, dry & push back cuticles with towel.
Apply cuticle remover to cuticles & under free edge, push & roll back cuticles & replace in soak.
Repeat steps 7 & 8 on right hand.
Remove left hand from soak, dry & carefully remove excess cuticle with pushers & nippers.
Repeat on right hand.
Perform exfoliation to both Hands/arms then wash off
Perform massage to left, then right hand & arm.
Remove excess massage medium with hot towels
Squeak nails.
Replace jewellery, get client to pay and find car keys before polish is applied.
Apply base coat, two coats of polish & top coat using finger rotation method.
Apply quick dry preparation.

Cuts, abrasions & bruises
Broken bones & soft tissue injuries
Recent scar tissue or surgical procedures
Nail diseases such as Paronychia or other contagious conditions which require medical attention
Diabetics – poor healing (careful cuticle work)
Loss of sensation
Excessive arthritic or rheumatoid clients


Client and operator to wash hands
Do not file too deeply into nail corners
Keep all containers covered & labelled and use spatulas to remove their contents
Avoid too much friction when buffing
Do not treat contra-indications
Avoid too much pressure at the base of the nail
If cuticles are cut apply pressure using a cotton wool pad.
Handle sharp implements with care and do not use sharp implements to clean under the free edge
Wipe down bench tops with hospital grade disinfectant before and after treatment
Follow correct sanitation procedures for equipment including waste disposal

Safety Precautions

Pedicare Procedure

Spray feet with antiseptic spray.
Bath feet in warm water & antiseptic for approximately 3 minutes.
Remove polish from feet & inspect nails & feet for disorders.
Clip & file the nails of the left foot – do not file too deeply into the corners.
Apply cuticle massage cream & place foot in soak.
Repeat steps 4 & 5 on right foot.
Remove left foot from soak, dry & apply cuticle remover.
Use pedi paddle then exfoliate the foot.
Using a cotton wool tipped orange stick gently lift and push back the cuticles.
Rinse and dry then trim excess cuticle with nippers and set foot aside.
Repeat steps 7 – 10 on right foot.
Perform leg & foot massage procedure – left then right foot.
Remove excess massage cream with hot towels.
Squeak nails free of oil with polish remover.
Using tissues separate the toes, apply base coat, two coats of polish & top coat.
Apply quick dry.

Warm massage medium between hands and apply to clients foot and leg.
6 x effleurage from ankle to knee.
6 x Picking up to the lateral & medial borders of the lower leg.
Alternate picking up
6 x effleurage from ankle to knee.
Deep kneading to the tibialis anterior muscle.
6 x effleurage to the foot & ankle.
Thumb frictions in between the metatarsals.
Thumb frictions to plantar surface
Deep stroking to the inner longitudinal arch.
Toe grinding
Toe whipping
6 x effleurage to the foot & ankle.
6 x effleurage to the calf muscles.

Foot & Leg Massage

Leg & Foot Massage Video
Specific Contra Indications to Pedicare
Tinea Pedis
Contagious fungal foot infection
Cracking, itching skin between toes
Thrives on moisture
Area may be white and sodden
Refer to GP
Onychocryptosis (Ingrown Nails)
Common condition caused by ill fitting shoes or cutting/filing nails too deeply into corners
Do not treat in salon, refer to GP
Possible causes for Nail Polish Peeling...
Plantar Warts
Contagious viral infection of the foot
Appear as small dark spots on the sole of the foot
If untreated become deeply imbedded in the dermis & can be painful
Refer to GP
Varicose Veins
Only contra indicated to massage due to discomfort
Advise client to elevate legs, wear support stockings and seek medical advice if required
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