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Chord Construction Workshop

A Clinic by jazz guitarist/educator Rick Stone. For more information, visit www.rickstone.com and www.jazzguitarlessons.com

Rick Stone

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Chord Construction Workshop

Chord Construction Workshop: The Power of the Diminished 7th Chord Only 3 "different" o7 Converting Diminished 7ths to Dominant 7ths All o7 Chords within a 4-Fret Range Playing a Cycle of o7 using only 3 chords Playing Cycle of Dominants Converting Dominants to Other Chord Types Symmetrical Nature of the o7 Converting Dominants to min7 and Maj7 Creating ii-7 V7 I Progressions from
Dominant 7th Cycles Adding Color Tones Application to Standard Tunes 1st Inversion 2nd Inversion 3rd Inversion Linear Comping For More Information
Please Visit:
www.rickstone.com Steve Beck's
I Should Care
Harmonization Inverting the Minor 9th Interval Scan the QR code for a free MP3 and Transcription from the Rick Stone Trio's latest CD "Fractals"
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