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Dragon Girl

No description

Oliver Douglas

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Dragon Girl

I am Sir Basil (the bad guy). I am taken out of
by my brother, King Rupert and I am put in charge of running the kingdom. During these times, I put a friendly dragon under my spell, making him evil and terrifying - the opposite of what he really is. I send Pete to fight the dragon, but he never returns. On their adventure, Annalisa goes to the Dragon's cave with Cooch and Bramble where I catch them.

Sir Basil
I am one of the two of Sir Basils evil servants, accompanied by Thrip. I always trick Thrip to do things like take a shortcut through the quick sand. I help Sir Basil pick peasants to fight the dragon!
My name is Thrip, I am one of the two servants helping Sir Basil. Scale likes to trick me into things like pushing me down the dungeon stairs, and also taking "shortcuts". I don't know why but everyone tries to trick me.
My name is Annalisa, I am a shy girl, I live with my Nanna because my parents died in a car crash when I was younger. When I was looking at my Mum and Dad's old stuff in the attic, I found a magical stone, the heartstone. When I found this I was taken to a different time, the time of the ancient rose. When I arrived, the great wizard Zardok greeted me and he said for me to face my fears and save the Kingdom of Begonia.
Bramble Bush
I am Bramble Bush, one of the peasants in the kingdom, along with Pete and Cooch, my best friends. I am sent off to fight the evil Dragon with Annalisa and Cooch. On my way to fight the dragon, I get seperated from Cooch, so it is only Annalisa and I who go to fight the dragon.
I, Zardok, am the last of the great wizards, tasked with helping Annalisa on her journey. I helped Annalisa believe in herself and also helped her overcome her biggest fears. Along the way I take the
and give Annalisa a fake one. Later on I come back to Annalisa and find she has broken the dragons spell. I am so amazed by this I give her back the real one and I send her home to her time.
King Rupert
Queen Daphne
Cooch Grass
I am King Rupert, the ruler of this fantastic kingdom! I care so much about my roses. I need some sort of bug spray as they now have creepy crawlies on them! Also, my wife, Queen Daphne is very mean to me, I have to stand up to her so much.
Pete Moss
I am the dragon, I am a friendly beast who has been capturing peasants and burning villages down, after being put under a spell by Sir Basil. I petrify the whole kingdom and capture Pete Moss and take him to my cave.
I feel so bad...
I am Cooch Grass. I'm a funny guy and I am obsessed with my footy cards. I am one of the peasants who goes to fight the dragon with Annalisa and Bramble. Unfortunately, I get seperated from Bramble and Annalisa, but I find them again. Together we save Pete and the kingdom.
I am Pete Moss and I'm friends with Cooch and Bramble. After being caught making fun of Sir Basil, I am sent to the dragon's cave to destroy him but he captures me and keeps me in a cage until Bramble, Cooch and Annalisa save me.
I, Queen Daphne, am King Rupert's wife. My husband, King Rupert, is so annoying. I always have to yell "fiddle faddle" at him because it is the only phrase that works. Anyway, he is so overly
with his precious roses.
Dragon Girl
Thanks for Listening
By Alex B, Oliver D, James F and Ryan S
I am Petunia, and i am one of the King and Queen's servants. I predominately help the King with his height problem by placing a stool under his feet.
My name is Camelia and I am the other one of the King and Queen's servants. I'm the one who is always bugging the Queen to see to important matters such as curtain colours.
Exile - An eternal imprisonment
Heartstone - A blue stone, used by Annalisa.
Obsessed - To be attached to something continuously
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