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Fantasy Workshop- Presentation


Waqar Asif

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Fantasy Workshop- Presentation

Our mission is to be the kids most loved brand.


Existing Market > Toys Manufacturing
Niche Market: Manufacturing toys of kids drawing
new market
Therefore there is no direct Market Competition for Fantasy Workshop
Great growth shown in UK toys Market
Global Toy Market is expanding..(2012-2013)..
15,000 to start up
Fantasy Workshop
Cash Investment of £3,000 per person
£3,000 x 5 = £15,000
Kids Draw..
We give Quote..
We Make hand-made toys..
We Deliever within 5-7 Days..
Sales Turnover:
£44, 500
Year 1 Profit £7,742
Closing Cash Balance: £21, 442
Waqar - 10012806
(Friendly CEO)

sibtain - 13008384
( Cool Business Manager)

Ali - 13010556
(Ace Marketing Manager)

Zain- 13008199
(Marketing Guru(Zorro)

Shahzad - 13009252
(Super Accountant)

Fantasy Workshop
e-commerce business selling plush toys from
kid’s drawings.
“making kids
more creative”
Carrying out Research

- Questionnaire

- Market Research
Use different types of advertisements strategies.

Developing relationship with customers.

Provides more information about the products.
Types of Innovation:

We are allowing the customers to design their own product.
e.g. Drawings on template

Service :
We are offering the customers an innovative service.
e.g. interactive website, Quotes

Financial Constraints
Production & Supply Strategy
The Bright Future Prediction
Our Strategy :
Flexible Manufacturing
Magento E-commerce Website
Manufacturing Tools
Our strategy In Making/Delivering This Product:
Based on the demand and supply ethos
Do we aim to become the fore-runner in industry?
We are one of the few fore-runners in this industry,
Distribution Process
How many are we making?
We are not creating products on a mass level.

Each product produced is unique and bespoke to the consumer.

"we aim to provide consumers with their finished product within 5-7 working days".
The completed product is collected from the workshop by the courier company
The item (parcel) is then processed by the courier
Once we (Fantasy Workshop) have received a tracking number from the courier we will then email this tracking number to the customer.
The parcel is then delivered to the customer.
"The reason being the concept of our business model is to create a plush toy which is personal and unique.."
What Timescale?
Annual growth > 0.4%
Revenue > £1 bn
KeyNote, (2012). Business Ratio Report, Teddington: Key Note Ltd

KeyNote, (2013). Toys & Games Market Report 2013, [ONLINE],
Accessed From: http://www.keynote.co.uk/market-intelligence/view/product/10876/toys-%26-games/?highlight=UK+toys+market&utm_source=kn.reports.search, [Last Accessed at: 20/11/2013]

NPD Group, (2012), UK tops European toy market with 3% growth, [ONLINE], Accessed at: https://www.npdgroup.co.uk/wps/portal/npd/uk/news/press-releases/uk-tops-european-toy-market-with-3-precent-growth/, [Last Accessed at: 21/11/2013]
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