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Copy of Limnic Eruptions

No description

Neha Khakhar

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Limnic Eruptions

Limnic Eruptions
How often do Limnic Eruptions occur?
Limnic Eruptions happen very rarely because for a Limnic eruption to happen,the place where the lake is has to meet a certain criteria.
1.The lake has to be very close to volcanos for a Limnic Eruption to occur.

2.There are supposed to be green house gases nearby.
What parts of the world do Limnic Eruptions most commonly happen in?
Limnic Eruptions mostly happen in Cameroon,Africa.Both of the Limnic Eruptions that occured in history were in Cameroon.One lake is called Lake Monoun and another is called Lake Nyos.
Lake Monoun,Lake Nyos and Lake Kivu!
When there was a Limnic Eruption in Lake Monoun,thirty-seven people died.When a Limnic Eruption occured in Lake Nyos,1,700 people died and so did 3,500 livestock.Lake Mounoun lies in a volcanic field,while Lake Nyos is located in the high flank of a inactive volcano..Lake Kivu is in great danger and scientists fear that the lake will erupt anytime.
What scientists are doing to help!
A french scientist named Michel Halbwachs is experimenting something called siphons.Michel Halbwachs believes this would help degas the lakes that came across limnic eruptions.
What are Limnic Eruptions?
Limnic eruptions are eruptions where saturated gas from the bottom of the lake bed blows up.This poisons the water and can cause little Tsunamis.There have only been two limnic eruptions in the world.
A Limnic eruption
Lake Monoun after a
Limnic Eruption
Lake Nyos after a
Limnic Eruption
Lake Mounoun
A siphon trying to
degas lake Nyos.
Lake Kivu
Lake Nyos
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