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OBK Solar Power

No description

Solar Power

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of OBK Solar Power

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Presentation OBK Solar Power CO Why Invest in our company? Its affordable
It helps to connect people
It has amazing future potential to develop further
The business is run by us. We are the next generation of scientists and developers. – The Y generation
OUR IDEA MAKES MONEY. People want it and want to own more than one. Why we say it is a good idea? How did we come up with this idea?
As Science and Maths students, we wanted to learn more about solar power and how can it be used to make energy.
We have on average 12 hours of daily sun in the UAE and we wanted to harness that power using a simple mobile phone.
We love our mobiles and Apps. We are the Y generation and expect to be in communication 24 hours a day but often our mobiles run out of power and we are not always able to recharge when we are away from conventional power sockets. How can we develop our business idea further ? OBK Solar Power CO OBK Solar Power CO is a company that wants to improve the technology in the UAE. We want to help people that don’t have power to connect with people around the world 24hours a day reduce energy consumption Eco-friendly energy Renewable energy that will help us in the future this new idea will help the community Using solar energy to generate electricity You can have mobile medical and dental clinics where equipment is powered by solar power. Water can be heated on board by solar and equipment can be powered and cooled by solar power.
For a small investment we can build medical centres and schools in remote parts of the world in mountain areas and where poverty is high. These people would have the chance to live longer and have access to medicine and education to help them build a better future for themselves and their children. The Future
We started out with a small idea that became so much bigger than we thought possible. We learned many lessons mainly NOT What TO DO.
We didn’t realise how long a video would take to shoot in the desert.
We loved the toys for BIG BOYS.
The biggest lesson we learned was we are a good team, we work well together and no matter what happens, we looked out for each other. Some of us are good sales people, some are good at holding on to the money, a few are good at marketing and creativity and VP’s took responsibility.
We know that we WILL be future Emirati leaders and we also know we will enjoy being one too.
Check us out in a few years U T H A N K
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