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My Musical Life

No description

Kylie Wells

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of My Musical Life

My Musical Life
0-5 Years Old
Disney Songs
5-10 Years Old
I played the recorder
I was in choir in 4th grade- "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
My dad would sing random jingles he made up around the house
4th grade music class: "Summer Lovin" , "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
Brittney Spears, Disney songs, Hilary Duff, N Sync, Backstreet Boys
11-14 Years Old
Music class in 5th grade: "Cotton Eye Joe" , "This Land Is Your Land", and "Fifthy Nifthy United States"
In 6th grade I played the flute for a year
Young Americans- "We Are Family"
I listened to: Miley Cyrus, Allstar Weekend
High School
"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" -Wham
"Remember the Name" -Fort Minor
"Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" -Skrillex
Singing Disney songs with my sister- "Part of This World"
Taylor Swift
One Direction
Ed Sherman
Listen to music with my roommate
Songs we sing and dance around to: "Talk Dirty", "Monster", "Dark Horse"
Imagine Dragons, Ben Rector, One Direction, Ed Sherman, Ellie Goulding, One Republic, Parachute, Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Ernie Halter, etc...
Kylie Wells
Singing to the radio in the car- "Hey ya"
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