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Pitch Perfect

No description

Jourdyn Berry

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect
Auto Tune
Invented in 1997 by Dr. Harold Hildebrand
Detects and interprets seismic waves
Initially offered as a software plug in for Pro Tools
Music producers used it in secret
Created a whole album using Auto-Tune
Would not be successful if it was not for the software
Won multiple awards including several Grammys
Developed an Auto-Tune app
Ten Examples of Songs that Use Auto Tune
Believe -Cher
Heartless -Kanye West
One More Time -Daft Punk
Live Your Life -TI ft. Rihanna
T-Pain -Buy You a Drank
Forever -Chris Brown
Disturbia -Rihanna
Boom Boom Pow -Black Eyed Peas
Lollipop -Lil Wayne
Blame It -Jamie Foxx
End The Trend
Many artists are pushing to end the trend
Rapper Jay-Z took a stand by releasing the bold track D.0.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
“I just think in hip-hop, when a trend becomes a gimmick, it's time to move on. I saw a Wendy's commercial and they're using Auto-Tune. They're joking on it. It's like, OK, enough of that ... It was a trend, it was cool in the beginning. Some people made great music with it, now it's time to move on.”
Why did I choose this?
Auto-Tune has forever changed the recording industry. We are a society that is always seeking perfection so it can be predicted that Auto-Tune will be around for years to come. I chose this trend because I was interested in just how much voice enhancing software influenced music and how often it was used.
Since the inception of Auto-Tune, the amount of musicians who polish their products with pitch correction has grown immensely. While many musical purists are furious about the “faking” of talent, producers and artists continue to use Auto-Tune to their advantage, delivering a song or record that fits their visions. You don't have to be a big time producer or artist to use Auto-Tune. Anyone is capable of achieving that synthetic sound.
What did I learn?
Trend Analysis
Jourdyn Berry
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