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Asian Elephants

No description

Travis Fisher

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Asian Elephants

Asian Elephant What are some reasons that Asian Elephants are endangered? Poaching is a big there for many animals, especially elephants.
(According to Bagheera.com) Ivory is scarce, and
elephants need it to
(Accoding to Seaworld.
com) They are domesticated,
so the work they do for
humans can kill them.
(According to Bagheera.com) Their habitat has
been destroyed due to
human encroachment.
(According to National
Geographic.com) Humans kill elephants
for tusks.
(According to Seaworld.com) What are some things that they are
used for in India? They move heavy
(According to Seaworld.
com) They carry humans
around for transportation
(According to Seaworld.com) They wage war
(According to National
Geographic.com) They are used in
ceremonial purposes.
(According to Seaworld.com) They were primarily used for milling too.
(According to National Geographic.com) What are some physical
features of this creature? Why
are they built like this? Their trunks are used for
smelling, breathing,
trumpeting, drinking, and
also grabbing things.
(According to Seaworld.com) They use their tusks
to dig into the ground, for food and other things they may need.
(According to National
Geographic.com) They use their ears
to radiate heat.
(According to Natonal
Geographic.com) By: Travis Fisher
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