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Mrs. Evans' Survival Guide

Everything you need to know to survive 6th grade - and enjoy it, too!

Emily Evans

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Mrs. Evans' Survival Guide

Welcome to Sixth Grade at Stemmers Run!

You may be nervous, excited, scared, or all of the above! You probably have a lot of questions. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could have all your questions answered before you even start school?

Well, you're in luck...Mrs. Evans' Awesome Survival Guide is here! Read on to learn how to be a success in sixth grade. Getting Ready

Go to Back to School night. You can get your schedule, meet your teachers and practice opening your locker before the big day. If you have two classes that are close together, you can use the bathroom
between classes. Otherwise, go later!
Once you learn your way around the
school, it will be easy to get to class on time. Just don't stop and talk to ALL your friends...or you will be late! Lockers Staying After School My Favorite Memory Five Mistakes to Avoid Getting to Class Making Friends Conclusion You will have a combination
locker and you will have to
memorize your number. The more you
practice your locker, the better you will get.
You can only go to your locker before & after school
and before & after lunch. Make sure to get everything
you need for all your classes! There are many activities after school such as
intermurals (sports) and coach classes.
If you want to stay after, make sure you tell your
parents. You can walk home, get picked up or
take the late bus. The best memory I have of sixth grade
was when my homeroom competed in
Sports Day, and we won the Golden
Shoe award! Everyone had a great time. You may already know some of the people
at Stemmers. You may have gone to the same
elementary school or played sports together.
Also, you can meet new people by being friendly and
seeing who you have common interests with. 1. Leaving your stuff everywhere so it gets lost.
2. Getting on your teacher's nerves.
3. Forgetting your gym clothes
4. Not writing down your homework
5. Not earning all your stamps Well, that's everything I know! Good luck!
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