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Science Stuff

No description

Janne Barbie

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Science Stuff

Transformers.... These machines consist of two wires wrapped around one iron core. Electricity from Magnetism
Chapt. 3-3 By: Jenna Darby &
Jake Groenendyk Direct Current Pearl of Geniusness A generator transforms....
A. Potential energy into electrical energy
B. Mechanical energy into electrical energy
C. Magnetic energy into electrical energy
D. Friction into electrical energy Electric Generator A device that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.
There are two different forms of generators....
AC Generators & DC Generators
AC= Alternating Current
DC= Direct Current
Many Electric companies use giant generators to produce their electricity. Electromagnetic
Induction Previous Generators Currents First... duh....chapter 3:2 Induction of Electric Currents Electromagnetic Induction is....generating an electric current from the motion of a conductor through a magnetic field.....
A current that is generated in the way above is called a Induced current.
The picture shows a moving coil, which is a current induced in a coil of wire that moves when it is in a magnetic field. This is a Moving coil......
words are in german;
Bewegungsrichtung: direction of motion
Bandchen: bandchen Pearl of Geniusness A type of current produced
by a battery......
A. Direct Current
B. Alternating Current
C. Magnetic Current
D. Induced Current A. Direct Current This is a current of charges that flows in one direction ONLY
It is also known as DC
This current can be induced from a changing magnetic field or from a energy source, like a magnet. Pearl of Geniusness Electric Currents from generating plants are....
A. Direct current transmitted qt high voltages, but usually used at low voltages
B. Alternating current transmitted at high voltages, but usually used at low voltages
C. Alternating current transmitted at low voltages, but usually used at high voltages
D. Direct current transmitted at low voltages, but usually used at high voltages A. alternating currents transmitted at high voltages but usually used at low voltages Alternating Currents This is a current where when the induced current in the wire would reverse direction repeatedly
Also known as AC
This type of current has a major advantage over the DC.....
Ac voltage can easily be increased and decreased This is a device that increases or decreases voltage A. Mechanical energy into electrical energy Vocab, MOHAHAHA.....sorry:( Step-up Transformer: A transformer that increases voltage
Step-down Transformer: A transformer that decreases voltage VIDEO:)
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