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Tortilla Flat

No description

Jakin Choi

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Tortilla Flat

Tortilla Flat
Tortilla Flat
By: John Steinbeck
Jakin Choi
English 3H

Rising Action
The rising action in this story takes up more than half the book. It's about how the characters get developed and the stages of Danny's life as he grows depressed through the worldly things that never satisfies him. In the rising action, there are many side adventures and stories of different friends of Danny.
The Climax of this book is when Danny's friends throw a huge party for Danny. This part is when Danny really becomes depressed and drunk on too much wine. He starts to throw fits and screams at everyone, challenging them to fight him. When no one chooses to fight Danny, he turns mad and runs out of the house yelling like a mad man.
Falling Action
The falling action happens when Danny literally falls. After the party, Danny ran from his house yelling. He falls off the edge of his house into a ditch and dies.
The story ends with Danny's friends watching Danny's funeral from a distance. They go back to the house where they get drunk again and burn down the house on accident. Danny's friends think it is only right because the house and all of Danny's memories should go down with him.
My Opinion
My opinion on this book is that it is very repetitive. Plus this book kills the point. The whole point of the story was to pay back Danny for his hospitality but Danny's die at the end. I didn't really like this book but I didn't hate it either.
The story of this book is set in California, Monterey post World War 1. The main character: Danny, a drunk, comes back from the war and is imprisoned for a small crime. He soon escapes and finds out he is in possession of two houses left by his grandfather who passed away while Danny was gone. Danny later finds his friends who were now homeless and poor. Danny takes pity and lets them live in his spare house for $15 bucks a year. Soon the friends struggle to pay Danny back for their rent. As the story goes, Danny's friends go on adventures to pay back Danny. The theme of this story is about enjoying l;ife's simplest things.
Thank You!
Literary Devices
Symbolism plays a big role in this book. e examples are: The money bag represents the friend's trust and love for each other. Another example is that the wine represents the greed and temptations in life.
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