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Dittenhoefer's Fine China Case Study 5

No description

Rick Musters

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Dittenhoefer's Fine China Case Study 5

Dittenhoefer's Fine China Introduction New line of Gem-Furface china plates. Special polymer coating. Leased Machine. Functions machine. Coating thickness and temperature 4 microns 165 degrees Fagrenheit Quality problems Faded design because
of temperature.
- Cost: 2.400 plates Coating thickness not right.
- Cost: unknown The Customer Service Department Responsible for:
- Pricing
- Entering customer orders
- Tracking progress
- Orders shipped when promised
- Notifying customer by problems What happend:
- Service quality has deteriorated
- Information system seems to be antiquated
- Customers have serious reservations about doing business with them. Problems and solutions Quality Dimensions. Process Mapping Caus Analysis Pareto Chart - Performance
- Reliability
- Durability
- Conformance
- Aesthetics
- Serviceability
- Perceived Quality DMAIC D – Define: The most important problem for the company rights know is the marketing and sales. M – Measure: At this moment the marketing and sales is working with memos and notes you could say that they are really doing things old fashion. A – Analyze: because of the old fashion way of working, a lot of things are going wrong. For example there is no feedback in the company of how far the status of the order is.
Another example is low of no communication between the customers and sales/marketing.
I – Improve:To improve all the problems which are caused by sales/marketing could be solved with optimizing the IT system. C - Control:When they sales/marketing is fully optimized we can do some testing. These test could be done intern and extern.
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