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Facts About Roger Sherman

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Jamie Horan

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Facts About Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman
In 1759, Sherman became the judge of the court of common pleas for the county of Litchfield
In 1761, he became a resident of New-Haven, he was soon selected justice of the peace.
Sherman was the only member of the Continental Congress who signed all four of the great state papers (The Association of 1774, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.)
In 1766, he was elected a member of the upper house, in the general assembly of Connecticut

How Roger Sherman Impacted The Revolution
Facts About Roger Sherman
Born in Newton, Massachusetts
Born on April 17, 1721–July 23, 1793
In 1749, he was married to Elizabeth Hartwell. After her decease, in 1760, he married Rebecca Prescot, He had fifteen children
Roger’s dad died in 1741, He had an older brother who was a merchant in New Milford, Connecticut, Since Roger was the next eldest and was still at home, the care of the family devolved upon him, even though he was only nineteen years old. Roger helped his two younger brothers get proper education.
When he moved to New-Milford, he worked as a shoe maker not long after he moved, he entered into partnership with his older brother, as a country merchant.
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